Dolby 3D Glasses

Dolby® 3D glasses bring 3D images to life in amazing color and clarity.

Comfortably lightweight, Dolby’s eco-friendly glasses deliver the premium Dolby 3D experience customers expect, with a durable design that lasts hundreds of uses.

Dolby 3D Glasses

Dolby 3D Glasses for Adults

Dolby 3D Glasses

Dolby 3D Glasses for Kids

Dolby 3D Glasses Features

Wraparound sides ensure a snug, comfortable fit, even over prescription eyewear.

Modern industrial design’s polished and textured surfaces ensure that frames clean easily and completely.

Durable materials and construction improve the glasses’ life span.

The Sensormatic® tag is compatible with common antitheft systems.

RFID tag simplifies integration with tracking, security, and inventory applications.

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