CP650 Digital Cinema Processor

Dolby Digital Cinema Sound Processor CP650

The Dolby® Digital Cinema Processor CP650 is available in a variety of configurations to suit every projection requirement.

A variety of models provide flexibility of configuration choices from film playback to digital cinema audio. External setup software allows complete control of all processor calibration settings from a laptop computer, including the EQ Assist™ system, which enables a rapid initial equalization of the theatre. 

Audio processing configurations may include Dolby Surround 7.1 (D-cinema audio), 5.1 digital PCM (D-cinema audio), Dolby Digital Surround EX™ (film and bitstream), Dolby Digital (film and bitstream), Dolby Pro Logic®, and digital noise-reduction processing (Dolby A-type and Dolby SR).

Dolby CP650 Options

The Dolby CP650 is available in a variety of configurations to suit every projection requirement.

Dolby CP650XO

Digital cinema audio playback

Dolby Surround 7.1

Dolby Digital Surround EX (film and bitstream)

Dolby Digital (film and bitstream)

4 × AES digital inputs (for PCM D-cinema audio)

Dolby Pro Logic

Dolby A-type and Dolby SR analog film

Integrated digital crossovers (up to three-way) for L/C/R screen speakers


Dolby CP650D

Dolby Digital (film)

Dolby Pro Logic

Dolby A-type and Dolby SR analog film

Upgradable to CP650 by installing a UEX/650 kit

Dolby CP650SR

Dolby A-type and Dolby SR analog film sound processor

Upgradable to CP650D by installing a UD/650 kit


Supported Features
Dolby Surround 7.1
Dolby Digital Surround EX
Dolby Digital (bitstream)
Dolby Digital (film)
Dolby SR and Dolby A-type noise reduction
Optical film soundtracks
Digital audio input (D-cinema, 4 × AES)
Six-channel analog input
Digital crossover for L/C/R
Nonsync two-channel analog inputs


CP650 Digital Cinema Processor Front View Medium
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CP650 Front Panel

Setup Control Panel Access Door

Mic input level control
Bypass output level control
Test points RS-232C port (9-pin female D-connector) for PC connection 9-pin female D-connector, balanced, for a microphone or microphone multiplexer; phantom power available

Main Display

Shows current format signal level and processor condition
Displays setup and calibration information for use with menu buttons

Menu Buttons

Steps through menu pages
Selects parameters within a page (use main fader knob for parameter choices) Store settings

Mute Button

Mutes all audio outputs

Main Fader

Adjusts main audio output level

Fader Display

Shows fader setting, projector in use, bypass power supply condition

Format Buttons

Five preprogrammed, two user defined, one nonsync (can also be user defined)

Bypass Button

Selects main or bypass power supply

CP650 Rear Panel

Automation Connector

25-pin female D-connector for controlling and indicating format, fader select, projector status, and mute

Remote Unit/Fader Input

Terminal strip connector for Dolby CAT779 remote control unit, Dolby CAT771 remote fader, external auditorium faders (100 kΩ linear potentiometer)

Hearing-Impaired Output

RCA-type female phono connector Center-weighted sum of L, C, R
Output level: 200 mV fixed

Digital Reader Inputs

25-pin female D-connectors for two Dolby Digital readers

Main Audio Output

25-pin male D-connector, balanced or floating
Maximum level, balanced loads: +26 dBu (15.5 V)
Maximum level, unbalanced loads: +20 dBu (7.75 V)
Dolby level output adjust range: –31 to –12 dBu (20–780 mV)

Nonsync Inputs

RCA-type female phono connectors for two stereo nonsync sources
Input impedance: 21 kΩ
Sensitivity: 0.2–4 V (NS 1), 0.06–1.5 V (NS 2)

Six-Channel Audio Input

25-pin female D-connector for external six-channel analog source
Input impedance: 10 kΩ (L, R), 27 kΩ (C, Ls, Rs, SW)
Operating level: 300 mV

Serial Data Input

RS-232C port (9-pin female D-connector) to connect external PC for setup and automation control

Ethernet Connector

RJ-45 female for automation control and subtitling timing data

Motor Start

9-pin female D-connector for Dolby Digital reader motor start timing and projector changeover

Microphone Input

XLR female connector, balanced, for Auditorium Assist, PA, or B-chain alignment mic (or multiplexer)
Phantom power available (+15 V)

Optical Inputs

9-pin female D-connectors, balanced, for two stereo solar cells or analog LED readers
Power available for external cell preamp circuits (±14 V/40 mA)


Specification Sheets

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