Cinema Audio Products

Dolby Cinema Processors and Accessories

Dolby offers a variety of sound processor configurations to facilitate optimum playback of Dolby® soundtracks in any cinema.

Dolby Atmos™ Cinema Processor CP850

Dolby CP850

Bring natural and enveloping sound to your digital cinema. 

Dolby Digital Cinema Sound Processor CP750

CP750 Cinema Processor

Get  easy-to-operate audio control in your digital cinema.

Dolby Digital Cinema Sound Processor CP650

CP650 Cinema Processor

Play both digital and analog Dolby soundtrack formats.

Dolby Digital Soundhead CAT702

Cat. No. 702 Dolby Digital Soundhead

Read Dolby Digital soundtracks reliably and accurately.

Dolby Digital Media Adapter DMA8Plus

DMA8Plus Digital Media Adapter

Convert digital audio to analog to integrate with your cinema processor.

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