Dolby DP600 Program Optimizer

Dolby Program Optimizer DP600 for Games

The Dolby® Program Optimizer DP600 offers simpler, faster multistream processing for producing rich, immersing surround sound and creating the best possible game-play experience.

An innovative and flexible audio platform, the DP600 offers the world’s first intelligent file-based audio analysis and automated loudness normalization engine. Compatible with many of the media file formats used in games today, the DP600 has the ability to encode, decode, convert, and transcode between specific Dolby formats and supported audio file formats.

Automated File-Based Loudness Measurement and Correction

Have a lot of dialogue to localize? Previously lengthy quality-control processes are now performed in faster than real time. The DP600 automatically provides intelligent speech-based loudness normalization for PCM (.wav and .aiff) audio and MPEG-1 LII audio.

To achieve loudness normalization, the DP600 automatically analyzes file-based audio bitstreams then compares them with user-defined target values and matches them without the need for decoding and reencoding the original audio bitstream.

Workflow Integration and Flexibility

The DP600 integrates easily into an existing file-based network infrastructure. Once connected and configured, the DP600 becomes an intelligent processing node that can be easily adapted to day-to-day operations and workflow.

Ease of Use

There are three user-specific ways the DP600 and its processing engines can be controlled:

Manual control: Users can set up and initiate processing jobs on an individual or batch basis from a simple-to-use Web browser interface.

Third-party control via Web services: For system integration at any level, the DP600’s processing engines are available as Web services. This allows developers to integrate these engines directly into their work flow to create a seamless user experience.

Automatic hot folder ingest process: Users can easily create hot folders and predefine a work-order profile for each one to govern the DP600’s behavior with specific media types.

Ready for the Future

Designed with future extensibility in mind, the Dolby Program Optimizer DP600 maintains support for the latest audio file formats and the most up-to-date Dolby innovations.

Why Dolby

Automated loudness analysis and correction: Provides a more consistent, reliable, and high-quality experience without the need to manually validate and correct each piece of media

Patented Dialogue Intelligence™ algorithm: Effective speech-based loudness normalization; automatically sets and/or corrects dialnorm values within media files

Automated file conversion and transcoding: Simplifies conversion of archives to next-generation formats

Intelligent upmixing capability: Enhances legacy two-channel content

Hot folder mode: Simplifies integration into existing work flows

Touch-screen status display: Simplifies upgrades, system provisioning, maintenance, and operation

Adaptable and extensible design: New features and supported audio formats are available through simple software updates

Upgrade Options

UU/600 ($2,695)

This DP600 and DP600-C upgrade adds two-channel (including Lt/Rt matrix-encoded programs) to five-channel or 5.1-channel upmixing functionality.

UC/600 ($8,500)

This upgrade adds faster-than-real-time file-based encoding, decoding, conversion, and transcoding of Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse, Dolby E, PCM (.wav and .aiff), MPEG-1 LII, AAC, HE AAC, and HE AAC v.2 (.mp4 and .aac) to the DP600 base configuration.


DP600 Program Optimizer Front View Medium
DP600 Program Optimizer Rear View Medium
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DP600 Front Panel

Main Status Display

Touch-screen, 6.4-inch diagonal VGA (640 × 480 dpi)

System Status LEDs

Power, alarm, temperature, drive activity

USB 2.0 Port

Type A; for licensing software and updates

DVD Drive (Behind Main Status Panel)

For software upgrades and updates

Removable Panel

For access to hard drives

DP600 Rear Panel

Power Supplies

Dual-redundant power supplies

PS/2 Ports

Two, for keyboard and mouse

USB 2.0 Ports

Four Type A

15-Pin SVGA Port

For a local video monitor

Ethernet Ports

Two 10/100/1000Base-T with auto-detection

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