Professional Partner Products

Dolby Laboratories works with other manufacturers to incorporate our technologies into hardware and software products that are intended for use in professional environments. This is accomplished with hardware modules, software libraries, or third-party implementations. When content is intended for commercial distribution or broadcast, a professional encoder must be used.

Each of the following companies has been approved by Dolby Laboratories to manufacture professional products incorporating Dolby® technologies. For more information on a certain product, visit the company's website.

To report an out-of-date link or to be included in or removed from this list, please contact us. If you are interested in applying for a license to include Dolby technologies in your products, please visit our Getting Licensed page.

Dolby Pulse Pro Encoding
Dolby Digital to PULSE Transcoding
Dolby Digital Plus Pro Encoding
Dolby Digital Plus Decoding
Dolby Digital to DD+ Transcoding
Dolby E Encoding
Dolby E Decoding
Dolby Digital Pro Encoding
Dolby Digital Pro Decoding
Adtec Digital, Inc.
mediaHub HD Pro 02




AJA Video
Selected Products
Selected Products
Apple Inc.
Arris Group
Audio Precision Incorporated  
Avid (Digidesign)    
Axon Digital Design BV
Bel Digital Audio Ltd
Blankom Digital GmbH
Blonder Tongue Laboratories Inc.
Calrec Audio Limited

D9036 Encoder

D9032, D9054, D9900
Cobalt Digital Inc. 9931-EMDE 
Crosspoint SAL



Dayang Technology Development Inc.







Digital Rapids
DK-Technologies A/S
Evertz Microsystems Ltd.
Focus Enhancements, Inc.  
FOR-A Company Limited
Gefen Inc.      
Harmonic Inc.
Selected Products
Ellipse 2000 ProView 7000
Harris Corporation  
Ibex Technology Co., Ltd.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
International Datacasting Corporation SFX 2020  HE 4000-SD SFX 2020 HE 4000-SD 
Interra Systems, Inc.   Baton
Jünger Audio - Studiotechnik GmbH
Leader Instruments Corp.
Selected Products
Linear Acoustic
Coming Soon

Selected Products
MainConcept GmbH
Marshall Electronics, Inc.
Minnetonka Audio Software
Miranda Technologies
Selected Products
Selected Products
Selected Products
Selected Products
Motorola, Inc.  
Newbury Systems
NTT Electronics Corporation
Optibase Ltd.  
Pixel Power Ltd.
Promax Electronica S.A.                
RGB Networks  
Rhozet, a business unit of Harmonic    
Ripcode, a business unit of RGB
Rohde & Schwarz
RTW Radio-Technische Werkstaetten SurroundControl 31960 Series
Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup
Sencore, Inc.  
Shibasoku Company Limited
Snell Group
Sonic Solutions, part of Rovi  
Sonifex Ltd.
Sony Creative Software Inc.  
Studer Professional Audio GmbH
Sumavision Technologies Co., Ltd.
Tektronix Inc.
Telestream, Inc.
Teleview Co., Ltd.  
Television Systems Ltd. (TSL)
The Weather Channel
Thomas Reiterer Elektronik GmbH
Ton-und Studiotechnik GmbH
Thomson Video Networks
Selected Products
Ultra-Stereo Labs, Inc.  
Vecima Networks, Inc.  
Videotron Corporation
Ward-Beck Systems Ltd.
Selected Products
Selected Products
Wohler Technologies