Glassworks Amsterdam Professional Reference Monitor Case Study

PRM Case Study - Glassworks image
The Dolby
® PRM-4200 in use at Glassworks Amsterdam 

“At this stage, the Dolby PRM-4200 is hands-down the best grading monitor available since the CRT. We know of no other monitor that comes close to emulating a CRT the way the Dolby product can.” 

Scott Harris
Colorist, Glassworks Amsterdam

Launched in 2006, Glassworks Amsterdam continues to build on the long-established reputation of the London brand and its state-of-the-art facility has forged strong relationships with domestic and international markets. It offers high-end digital animation and visual effects expertise for the production of creative content, from commercials, films, and promos to digital material and print media.

It maintains its excellent creative reputation by continuously re-investing in the latest technologies and innovations. As part of its most recent investment program, Glassworks Amsterdam upgraded its software and hardware, and it restructured and streamlined its workflow to put the best tools into the hands of the best artists.

New Grading Suite and the Investment in Dolby

Wanting to enhance its grading capabilities for its core commercial and broadcast markets, as well as open itself up to a broader market, in spring 2011 Glassworks Amsterdam invested in a Baselight HD color-grading system from FilmLight, including the Stereoscopic 3D option. And to ensure the ultimate viewing experience, the company now screens films on the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4200.

When it came to selecting a new reference monitor, Glassworks recognized the shift in technology to LCD at a consumer level and therefore decided to research the best LCD options available for professional use. 

“Dolby has the ‘Wow!’ factor that hits you as you enter the suite. No other comparable product has the picture quality and also the scale of this monitor,” says colorist Scott Harris. “We have not seen any other LCD monitor capable of handling an image in the way the Dolby product does. Nice whites, nice blacks, nice soft color, no artifacts. Very impressive.”

As a professional colorist, Scott has used many Grade 1 monitors, but he thinks the PRM-4200’s viewing angle and remarkable closeness to a CRT set the product apart from its competitors.  

Phil Linturn, Glassworks Amsterdam’s managing director, adds, “As our industry moves inevitably toward flat-panel digital displays, Dolby is the only manufacturer to engineer a true alternative to a CRT in a 42-inch format. In creating the PRM-4200, Dolby brings its established reputation for innovation and technical excellence to the professional reference monitor market, and we are excited to now offer this viewing experience to our clients.” 

About the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4200

The award-winning PRM-4200 is the first monitor capable of displaying the full dynamic range, contrast ratio, and color gamut that leading-edge digital cameras and film stocks can deliver. It renders true blacks, superb dark detail, and the most precise color accuracy possible. This product continues a long tradition of enabling content creators to realize their creative visions and deliver a truly immersive entertainment experience for the audience.