Incendio Gives Color Correction a Fresh Look

"The display calibration service gives us confidence with our clients because it's backed by the Dolby brand."

Clark Muller
Colorist and CEO, Incendio

With the goal of creating a small, efficient, data-centric color-correction studio, Incendio's partners decided the pairing of CRTs and plasma monitors would be too complex and unpredictable. The Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4200, the first flat-panel display to improve upon the accuracy of the CRT, turned out to be the best solution for Incendio's facility.

In an effort to avoid legacy systems and add something new and fresh to their offering, the Incendio team installed two Dolby monitors as their primary displays.

Incendio: Profile

Incendio is a cutting-edge postproduction facility in Venice, California. Founded by renowned colorists Clark Muller and Adolfo Martinelli, this creative boutique focuses on providing fast, efficient workflows for color grading commercials, music videos, and feature films.

Company Challenge

A start-up company backed by two industry veterans, the Incendio team wanted to do things right from the beginning. They believed that investing in high-end equipment would not only make their jobs easier but also demonstrate to their clients that they were serious professionals committed to creating the highest-quality images.

Dolby Solution

The Emmy® Award winning Dolby® Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4200 is the perfect solution for Incendio. The display's 42" form factor provides the ideal dimensions and viewing angle for reviewing projects with clients. With true blacks, accurate colors, and high contrast, the Dolby monitor provides Incendio with the highest level of quality throughout the workflow.

In addition, the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor provides Incendio with:

The ability to work in multiple standards: DCI P3, Rec. 709, or SMPTE C

The Dolby Field Calibration Service, for guaranteed accuracy from monitor to monitor, backed by the Dolby brand

Benefits of the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor

Confidence that images are absolutely consistent across the workflow when using multiple monitors

Capability of every Dolby Professional Reference Monitor to reproduce exactly the same images, down to the most minute detail

Precision to register even the most subtle differences

Ability to retain the vibrancy of colors from primaries down to secondaries and tertiaries

About the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor

True blacks, superb dark detail, and extended dynamic range make the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4200 the first viable CRT-replacement solution for color-critical work. For the first time, users see exactly what was shot. Emulation versatility and a wide range of color gamuts add to its value in improving the production process.

Support for the DCI P3 color space allows critical cinema color grading without a digital cinema projector. The Dolby Professional Reference Monitor also supports all HD formats over HD-SDI, along with SD and 2K content. Color accuracy exceeds the published and widely recognized Grade 1 guidelines.

Dolby Professional Video Monitor

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