Park Road Post Production Chooses Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4200 for Critical Color Grading

“What the Dolby PRM gives you is the ability to actually have a true representation of P3 color gamut and color space, as well as the ability to do high-frame-rate grading. It's an excellent reference monitor across the board for color and contrast, and it can be perfectly calibrated for pretty much every need for color grading.”

David Hollingsworth
Head of Picture/Senior Colorist, Park Road Post Production


Park Road Post Production is a premier postproduction facility located in Wellington, New Zealand. Developed by filmmakers for filmmakers, Park Road offers a relaxing and inspiring environment for filmmakers to realize their vision. Park Road was established as a one-stop shop with an on-site film laboratory adjoining the picture and sound departments. Park Road is uniquely placed to supply all post services for a feature from digital and film rushes, stereoscopic alignment, digital intermediate, Foley and sound mixing through to the final completion of all film and digital deliverables for distribution. Visit the Park Road website.

Company Challenge

Park Road required a Grade 1 reference monitor that could perfectly match a DCI P3 digital projector and also support high-frame-rate workflows.

Technical Situation

David Hollingsworth emphasized, "When looking for a Grade 1 monitor replacement, we had a few specific things we needed. One was that we spend a lot of time grading in P3 color space. We were looking for a monitor that truly matches our projection, our DI theatres. And another one is obviously the interest in high frame rate."

At Park Road, projects often move among various rooms in the facility and cannot always be displayed on a projector in the digital intermediate theatre. Thus, the colorist needs confidence in a Grade 1 reference monitor that can be perfectly calibrated to match the projector.

Dolby Solution

The Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4200 satisfied all of Park Road’s requirements for a Grade 1 monitor, delivering the confidence of color accuracy, image consistency, and the ability to perfectly match the digital projection environment. It gave the colorist the ability to accurately view high-frame-rate content throughout the facility.

As David Hollingsworth noted, "The Dolby PRM gives us complete confidence in what we’re seeing on-screen. We have complete confidence that what we are doing and the subtleties that we are introducing are actually going to be replicated later on, and that it’s a perfect representation of what we see in the DI theatres and final DCP output."

Benefits of the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor

Delivers stability and accuracy—a consistent standard for evaluating images

Exhibits precise colors and accurate contrast in the DCI P3 gamut

Provides the ability to do high-frame-rate grading throughout the workflow

Ensures complete confidence that images seen on the monitor will match the digital projector

About the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4200

The Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4200, recipient of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences 2012 Primetime Emmy® Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development, offers a new standard for critical viewing applications.

The Dolby Professional Reference Monitor renders true black levels, highly accurate dark detail, and the most precise colors at all luminance levels, in all formats and frame rates. The backlight is an array of red, green, and blue LEDs, modulated individually on a frame-by-frame basis to provide full accuracy of blacks, color, and grayscale. The LCD panel is also modulated in real time as part of the dual-modulation process. It is the first monitor to accurately display the full latitude of today’s high-end digital cameras.

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