Urban Post Gains a Competitive Advantage

“The Dolby monitor is a big part of bringing in more work—closing the deal at least, once people see it. Our color correct business is up 70 percent, and it is due to the monitor. It gives us a differentiator in Toronto.”

John Laing
Managing Partner, Urban Post Production

When designing the company’s state-of-the-art video editing studio, the Urban Post Production team realized they needed a color correction monitor that was larger and provided better picture quality than the standard consumer-grade plasma monitors the competition was using—the Dolby® Professional Reference Monitor  more than fit the bill.

By building its entire state-of-the-art video editing studio around the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor, Urban Post not only significantly increased its business, it also gained the confidence of prospective clients.

Urban Post: Profile

A boutique postproduction facility in Toronto, Urban Post Production was founded by four partners who were sound editors by trade. Company projects included television and lower-budget feature films.

Company Challenge

To compete with bigger companies in its market, Urban Post needed to expand its postproduction capabilities. To do this, the company purchased an older postproduction facility and built a top-notch video editing studio. In the process, the Urban Post team discovered that a key component of the new studio would be a professional-grade display that could provide affordable monitoring capabilities for both broadcast and cinema.

Dolby Solution

The Dolby Professional Reference Monitor exceeded all of the production facility’s imaging requirements and offered the best return on investment. Equipped with the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor, a DaVinci™ Resolve color-grading system, and its talented colorists, Urban Post gained instant credibility in its new niche.

In addition, the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor continues to help Urban Post:

Enable proper cinema-curve color correction

Provide a wide viewing angle for everyone in the studio

Greatly expand the capabilities of the video department

Benefits of the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor

Confidence that images are absolutely consistent across the workflow when using multiple monitors

Capability of every Dolby Professional Reference Monitor to reproduce exactly the same images, down to the most minute detail

Wide color gamut and bit depth to display highly precise and nuanced color detail

Precision to register even the most subtle differences

Ability to retain the vibrancy of colors from primaries down to secondaries and tertiaries

About the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor

True blacks, superb dark detail, and extended dynamic range make the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4200 the first viable CRT replacement solution for color-critical work. For the first time, users see exactly what was shot. Emulation versatility and a wide range of color gamuts add to its value in improving the production process.

Support for the DCI P3 color space allows critical cinema color grading without a digital cinema projector. The Dolby Professional Reference Monitor also supports all HD formats over HD-SDI, along with SD and 2K content. Color accuracy exceeds the published and widely recognized Grade 1 guidelines.

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