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Dolby Professional Reference Monitor PRM-4220

The first flat-panel monitor to truly outperform a CRT, the Dolby® monitor offers a new standard in critical viewing. It delivers the most precise color accuracy possible, with true blacks, exceptional dark detail, high contrast, wide dynamic range, and reliable performance over a long lifetime.

The Emmy® Award–winning Dolby monitor is the first monitor to accurately display the full latitude of today's high-end digital cameras. It facilitates the creative process for colorists, cinematographers, and video professionals by ensuring that the final image will reflect exactly what they see on the monitor. Dolby’s patented dual-modulation display technology produces images of the highest quality possible on a flat-panel monitor.

Dolby Monitor Benefits

Provides the highest level of image quality

Delivers the confidence of precise colors in all gamuts

Renders true black levels with highly accurate dark detail

Depicts a high contrast ratio at all luminance levels in all formats


Dolby Monitor

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The Dolby Professional Reference Monitor has earned several awards, including an Emmy award.

Dolby Monitor

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Dolby Monitor

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Dolby Monitor Accolades

"The Dolby Professional Reference Monitor allows us to help content creators realize their artistic vision with the confidence of the highest levels of accuracy available today." —Stefan Sonnenfeld, President, Creative Services, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group

"Ian Vertovec, the colorist, and Jeff Cronenweth, the DP, were able to sit down together, and both of them were blown away by the depth of the blacks, especially on a film like Dragon Tattoo, whose nuances are built on maintaining those levels consistently across the board." —Katie Fellion, Vice President, Technical Post Production, Light Iron Digital

"[The Dolby Monitor] is possibly one of the best image display devices in the world." —Michael Cioni, CEO, Light Iron Digital

"With the Dolby [Professional] Reference Monitor, we're able to see pixel for pixel the differences, in terms of grain structure, and use modern color correction tools and grain reduction tools to evaluate and massage those scenes accurately on the display." —Doug Delaney, Colorist, New Hat

"At this stage, the Dolby PRM-4220 is hands-down the best grading monitor available since the CRT. We know of no other monitor that comes close to emulating a CRT the way the Dolby product can." —Scott Harris, Colorist, Glassworks Amsterdam

"The dynamic range looks incredible. The Dolby [monitor] is the only monitor I know that allows you to work in the lowlights, night effects, and the color of the blacks." —Lionel Kopp, Colorist and Founder, Film Factory

"The ease of use and flexibility of the monitor, its robust build, and future-ready technology make it an obvious investment in a growing part of our business." —Kevin Horsewood, Colorist, Prime Focus