Content Services at Dolby

Screening Service

Dolby’s state-of-the-art screening facilities in Burbank and New York can be rented out for special screenings by the hour or by the day. They are capable of playing back all 35 mm digital sound formats, with simultaneous computer QC. Each screening room is also equipped with a 2K digital cinema projector and Dolby 3D, the rooms are often used for image technology testing.

Technical Theatre Mailing Service

For special releases that require unique attention or technical support, Dolby sends out a mailing to each theatre releasing the film with (a) a letter from the film’s director or producers; (b) a technical specification sheet for the film listing soundtrack formats, aspect ratios, trailer attachments, running time, and any other pertinent information; and (c) a technical article, a projector maintenance fold-out poster, light-level guidelines, and similar information. This service helps bring the added awareness of a film’s specific presentation issues directly to the theatre management and staff.

Technical Support Hotline Service

For films requiring special technical attention, we include our “hotline number” on an in-can flyer that ships with the print and in a technical mailing. Projectionists calling the hotline will be promptly connected to a Dolby film applications engineer. The engineer can answer questions that are either specific to the particular film, or that pertain to the sound playback equipment, projector issues, print buildup, continuity, or print condition. The engineer talks the projectionist through the problem or connects him to the person who can. This service has saved a few shows at the eleventh hour and is much appreciated by projectionists.

Dolby End Credit Service

The Dolby® End Credit Service is specifically designed to register audience feedback regarding film presentation at every theatre. Dolby’s end credit is an onscreen “card” at the very end of the film, stating, “If you experience anything that detracted from the presentation of this film, please contact…,” and listing a URL. If a problem is reported, Dolby contacts the theatre and works with their personnel to resolve it. Often, a theatre is unaware that there is a problem. Particularly at special films, a surprising number of people stay until the very end, see the “card,” and contact us.

Project Laboratory

Dolby’s Project Laboratory can assist with Dolby Digital or Dolby E layback to high-definition video, and supports a wide array of audio and video formats to help with your toughest technical issues.

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