Dolby Content Services in the Laboratory

Laboratory QC Certification Service

Dolby engineers visit our print laboratory clients twice a year to calibrate their Dolby® Digital quality control systems, ensuring that the working and quality control procedures meet strict standards. This service enables the laboratory to make the highest-quality Dolby Digital prints, ready to be played in any properly equipped cinema worldwide.

Print Checking Service

Dolby provides worldwide laboratory quality-assurance services for distribution and postproduction clients during the release-print manufacturing process of a selected feature film. Our lab technicians systematically sample reels of film, thoroughly scrutinizing both image and sound quality. Select prints are assembled from the highest-graded reels reviewed.

Dolby’s efforts to eliminate defects and monitor the overall quality of our clients’ products are equally applicable to small releases as well as the year’s biggest blockbusters. We have personnel in Los Angeles and in Canada and we send our lab technicians to manufacturing hubs all over the world when requested. We tailor the service to the studio’s needs on each particular title. Dolby’s knowledge of the print manufacturing process and the Production Services department’s constant communication with the lab personnel make this a very successful service, used on more than 50 major film releases per year.

Optical Camera Certification Service

The optical camera transfer stage of a film’s soundtrack production is one of the most critical processes and requires careful control. Because problems at this stage can affect proper playback of both the analog and Dolby Digital soundtracks, Dolby offers an annual service to align and check the quality of the optical sound camera installation. In this service, a test negative is made on the camera, printed, and sent to Dolby for detailed analysis of the transfer quality. (Note: This service is not available in the US.)

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