Dolby Content Services in the Studio

Motion Picture Soundtrack Mastering Service

Whether Dolby® Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1, or Dolby Digital Surround EX™, Dolby’s film sound formats are used on all major 35 mm releases. Dolby has established standardized sound replay conditions for cinemas and mixing studios to ensure that these films are consistently replayed as envisioned by the director. Through our Motion Picture Service Agreements, we provide direct mastering support services to every film using our technologies. A team of more than 100 consultants and engineers in the Dolby Production Services group works in hundreds of approved dubbing studios worldwide.

Premier Studio Certification

To aid film producers and directors in identifying film dubbing studios that have superior equipment, acoustics, and competence, Dolby has established a Premier Studio Certification program. The program measures technical excellence at every level of a studio’s operation, based on standards developed from our years of worldwide experience in the production of soundtracks. Studios earning Dolby Premier Certification will be able to use a special logo in credits and advertising and will be identified on our studio lists.

See more information on our Premier Studio Certification. (Note: This program is not available in the US and Japan.)

Digital Cinema Services

Dolby makes digital cinema distribution as straightforward as 35 mm film distribution. Acting as technical agents for our clients, we follow the content from studio to cinema, providing mastering and distribution media preparation, distribution services, key management, and playback services at any digital cinema site with any projector/server combination. We work with other vendors, mastering for either satellite or hard-drive distribution. We do stringent quality control of all the digital cinema content we encode, using the industry-leading tools.

Digital Cinema Mastering Service

Dolby has established state-of-the-art digital cinema mastering suites at our offices in Burbank, New York and Wootton Bassett (serving the international market)—to produce the master Digital Cinema Package (DCP). These suites have all the necessary equipment and expertise for top-quality video encoding (both MPEG and JPEG 2000), audio processing, subtitle packaging, security encryption, and content packaging (MXF wrapping). Quality control is performed at all stages using 2K DLP cinema projectors in the screening rooms at each facility.

Alternatively the Dolby SCC2000 Secure Content Creator is available for digital cinema content encoding and packaging within your own production facility.

Digital Cinema Distribution Service

Working from the DCP produced by the mastering suite, Dolby duplicates and distributes digital cinema hard drives to cinemas worldwide. The hard drives can be duplicated in either the US or UK facilities and are quality-controlled before being dispatched. We understand the tight schedules for distribution, and as the hard drives are all security-encrypted for maximum antipiracy protection, we can use regular courier companies for delivery. Through these companies, the disks can be tracked right up to receipt at the cinema, and any delivery problems can be quickly rectified.

When satellite delivery of content to cinemas becomes viable, Dolby will work with third-party companies to provide our clients with a transparent service.

Digital Cinema Security Key Management Service

Management of the creation, distribution, and, if necessary, extension and reissue of security keys (also known as KDMs) must be carefully undertaken and constantly monitored to ensure that a cinema is able to play digital content when the film distributors have authorized them to do so. While the business relationship of when keys are issued (and when they expire) clearly remains between the distributor and the exhibitor, Dolby provides a service to manage all security key issues on behalf of the distributor.

Digital Cinema Screening Services

Expanding on our traditional Dolby screening services for 35 mm soundtracks, we are able to offer the complete package of equipment and engineering support for digital cinema screenings, including special one-off events, film festivals, marketing screenings, and premieres. We can arrange the installation of a server system (the Dolby Digital Cinema presentation system) and a digital cinema projector, and perform on-site alignment of all technical aspects, including both picture and sound.

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