Dolby Content Services in the Theatre

Dolby Atmos Commissioning Service

To ensure that your screens equipped with Dolby® AtmosTM deliver the highest-quality experience possible, Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor CP850 purchases include a review of the speaker-configuration design and an initial equalization of the theatre.

Dolby Content Services engineers will review design drawings and equipment selection to ensure that the speaker and amplifier pairings, as well as their placement and positioning, deliver the best Dolby Atmos performance possible for your specific auditorium configurations.

Optimizes playback quality for each Dolby Atmos auditorium

Included with purchase of Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor CP850

Technical Theatre Alignment Service

To ensure that audiences experience the best possible presentation, Dolby application engineers are normally on-site at high-profile screenings, such as premieres and press events. We verify and optimize playback of both film and digital systems, assist with the rehearsal, and provide backup support during the screening itself. Dolby brings equipment as needed, and we check onscreen light levels, align the image correctly, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a quality presentation every time.

Theatre Presentation Inspection Service

Dolby performs theatre presentation inspections for major studio releases at any theatre in the United States or Canada. Our highly trained personnel assess projection, sound, print quality, and theatre operations, and resolve any issues they encounter. This helps assure that the audience experiences the film exactly as the director intended.

A detailed report is sent to the studio, grading each theatre on its presentation of the film, and listing any actions that Dolby has taken in the process. On the average project, Dolby visits 20 to 30 theatre locations chosen by the studio. We attend the first screening of the opening day of release and often resolve any problems (such as speakers being out, a poor splice between reels, or a scratched reel that needs to be replaced) prior to that same evening’s shows.

Special Projects: Premieres and Festivals Service

In addition to major premieres, our Technical Theatre Alignment Service supports many film festivals all over the world with equipment and engineering. For special venues or outdoor premieres, Dolby can assist with site surveys and preproduction planning all the way to the equipment install, technical run-through, and technical support for the show itself. We are also behind the scenes at principal cinema industry tradeshows for a majority of the special screenings and events.

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