Dolby Media Tools


Dolby Media Producer Tools

This invaluable utility program can save time and money by allowing users to repair and update previously encoded Dolby® Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby TrueHD files without having to reencode them.

Features include:

Metadata editing

File trimming

File splitting

Timecode striping

File joining

File verification

With the file trimming, splitting, and joining features, users can easily divide, trim, and append files as well as accommodate branching. SMPTE timecode can be added to a file that lacks a timecode and can also be restriped to replace a jittery or noncontinuous timecode. As with the Dolby Media Decoder, the Dolby Media Tools program is optimized to run locally on a single computer.


Download the Dolby Media Tools Data Sheet.

See the Dolby Media Producer Suite for price and contact information.