Dolby Branchpoint Preview Player

Dolby Media Producer Preview Player

The Dolby® Branchpoint Preview Player is a specialized decoder that lets users emulate branchpoints before authoring a Blu-ray™ test disc.

This easy-to-use software application allows users to listen to any single branchpoint in an audio file as well as to different segments already branched. The Dolby Branchpoint Preview Player provides this convenience independently for Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital soundtracks.

For continuity, the user can choose to hear up to 10 seconds before and after the chosen branchpoint. Additional functions provide the ability to test whether segments are properly prepared for branching and to repair them (if needed) for use in the authoring process.

The Dolby Branchpoint Preview Player is designed expressly for the Mac® computer platform and supports the attachment of Core Audio protocol devices to powered speakers. It runs locally on a single computer workstation.


Download the Dolby Branchpoint Preview Player Data Sheet

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