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Dolby Digital Plus High-Definition Packaged Media Applications

Advancements in storage capabilities of optical media such as Blu-ray Disc™ and hard disk drive (HDD) media, along with advanced coding efficiencies for video, have created opportunities to deliver enhanced audio performance in higher-bandwidth environments. Dolby® Digital Plus is an optional format for Blu-ray Disc and a standard for players equipped with BonusView playback capability.

Dolby Digital Plus for HD media extends the capabilities of Dolby Digital, enabling more channels and a wider range of data rates, as well as bitstream mixing capabilities. It provides high-quality audio performance while preserving space and bandwidth for superb video and extra disc features. Dolby Digital Plus includes an extended set of metadata, and the decoders provide a Dolby Digital bitstream fully compatible with existing A/V receivers.

Dolby Digital Plus offers new levels of enhanced audio resolution and fidelity, further complementing the superior video performance of Blu-ray Disc. These extensions to the existing Dolby Digital format extend the peak 640 kbps data rate to 3 Mbps and beyond. Dolby Digital Plus is also designed with the flexibility to permit future channel expansion beyond the traditional 5.1-channel model, to 7.1 discrete channels or more.

Dolby Digital Plus complements the innovative new feature sets and capabilities that are part of the Blu-ray™ experience: BonusView and BD-Live™. The coding efficiencies of Dolby Digital Plus enable optimal performance of BonusView, which enables picture-in-picture features (like director’s commentary) for secondary audio and video content. BD-Live, optional for Blu-ray Disc players, adds Internet-based interactivity, such as the ability to download content from a movie studio’s home entertainment website.

Dolby Media Producer is the definitive suite of professional software designed to support all Dolby audio formats used in mastering Blu-ray Disc formats, along with DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, and future packaged media formats.

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