Shenzhen HD Adds First Channel in Dolby Digital Plus on China Digital Terrestrial TV



A Chinese media company based in the Guangdong province, Shenzhen Media Group introduced the first integrated service network system to China. Committed to innovation, Shenzhen Media Group actively applies cutting-edge technologies and products to improve the quality of services it provides to its viewers.

One of these innovations was the decision to start using Dolby® Digital Plus to provide its HD channel viewers with a home theater–quality multichannel surround entertainment experience through its terrestrial TV broadcasting network.

The Demand for HD Content

To satisfy the ever-increasing demands for HDTV images and surround sound, Shenzhen Media Group monitored the development and utilization of advanced AV technologies, and maintained a close partnership with Dolby Laboratories.

"A number of leading features from Dolby Digital Plus, such as saving bandwidth, supporting more channels, better scalability, etc., are technical assurance for us to provide high-quality surround sound on the terrestrial broadcasting platform, laying a firm foundation for Shenzhen Media Group to develop new services in the future,” said Fengchun Fu, chief engineer of Shenzhen Media Group.

The Solution

Shenzhen Media Group decided to deploy Dolby Digital Plus across its entire digital terrestrial system. The following is a description of how that deployment happens.

1. Introduction to the System
Located in the Shenzhen Radio and TV Tower, the broadcasting division of Shenzhen Media Group feeds HD-SDI signals from Shenzhen TV's satellite channel to Axon modular processing equipment for de-embedding, Dolby E decoding, and Dolby Digital Plus encoding. The Dolby Digital Plus encoded bitstreams are then sent to an Ericsson encoder, where they are multiplexed along with the encoded video signals as transport streams.

The transport streams are delivered to the Shenzhen Media Group's transmission center for modulation and transmission. TV viewers in most of Shenzhen as well as parts of Hong Kong can then watch HDTV programs encoded with Dolby Digital Plus at home through their set-top boxes or integrated terrestrial TV receivers.

2. System-Upgrading Process
The compatibility of Dolby Digital Plus and the scalability of the HD broadcasting system from Shenzhen Media Group makes upgrading very simple.  An encoding card is installed in the chassis of an Axon module within the existing system, and the entire system receives full support for Dolby Digital Plus, allowing users to experience full HD surround sound.

The Result

Shenzhen TV's satellite channel is the first in China to use Dolby Digital Plus. In addition to broadcasting via the digital terrestrial system, the company also leverages Dolby Digital Plus to cover Shenzhen's cable TV broadcasting and IPTV platforms.

Against the background of “triple play,” Shenzhen Media Group's use of Dolby Digital Plus as its audio encoding solution not only saves bandwidth but also lays a firm technical foundation for implementation of new services on the latest media platforms such as Internet TV and mobile TV.

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