Motorola Set-Top Boxes Feature Dolby Volume

MotorolaMotorola has announced that it will include Dolby® Volume in its DCX lineup of set-top boxes for the North American and Latin American markets. Dolby Volume greatly improves the audio experience for consumers, ensuring a consistent playback level so that the audio loudness remains uniform across commercials and channel changes. The technology will work for any source component connected to the STB.

Motorola is one of the largest STB manufacturers and its set-top boxes are the first to include Dolby Volume technology.

Motorola’s implementation includes both currently available and upcoming STBs. Service providers can add the Dolby Volume feature on the current DCX3400 HD DVR and DCX3200 HD set-tops through their cable networks. The DCX700 and DCX3300 HD set-tops will ship with Dolby Volume already included. Subscribers can then easily enable Dolby Volume through the settings menu on the DCX boxes.

Dolby Volume automatically adjusts volume levels to the user’s desired setting, eliminating annoying "jumps" that can occur between TV programs, commercial breaks, and channels. Specifically designed for products in the living room, such as TVs, A/V receivers, set-top boxes, and PCs, Dolby Volume is part of a comprehensive suite of Dolby technologies that addresses loudness issues. The suite includes professional technologies that aid in setting correct audio levels prior to broadcast and device-level implementations that aid in controlling volume inconsistencies at playback.

Dolby Laboratories was the first to intelligently address loudness issues by modeling its Dialogue Intelligence™ technology on the human ear, rather than measuring the peaks and gains of an audio signal. Because the technology "listens" for situations where dialogue is present, it ensures that volume remains consistent to that particular setting, while preserving the dynamic range of those situations where dialogue is not present.

"Motorola continues to seamlessly deliver the best available technologies to our customers and we are pleased to work with Dolby to offer an ideal solution for delivering a consistent listening experience to consumers," said Larry Robinson, Vice President and General Manager, America’s Digital Set-Tops, Motorola Home and Networks Mobility.