File-Based Transmission

File-Based Transmission

Dolby Digital Plus for VOD and OTT Streaming

Much broadcasting today includes preparing content for nonlinear (file-based) transmission. Examples include VOD and OTT streaming, in which consumers pick and choose not only the content but the delivery schedule.

The challenge to broadcasters, operators, and aggregators is to prepare content for this variety of delivery methods and devices, taking limited bandwidth and compatibility requirements into account.

Dolby® Digital Plus meets that challenge in a number of ways:

Scalable, with low data rates both for stereo and multichannel content

Simplified workflow—ability to encode once, then distribute everywhere, from home theaters to smartphones

Part of broadcast standards worldwide—DVB™/ETSI, DECE, ATSC, and DLNA®

In addition to Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby has compatible solutions for AAC transmission, including an implementation of HE AAC with full Dolby metadata.

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