Broadcast Live Production

Live Production

Feel Like You’re There

With Dolby® Digital Plus transmissions, you can transport your viewers into the middle of the crowd at a football game or the perfect seats at a concert. Live production in 5.1 surround sound is becoming commonplace as content owners look to maximize the impact and value of their HD programming. Live programs produced and transmitted with Dolby 5.1 sound range from football games to classical concerts to auto racing to talent shows.

Producing a Surround Broadcast

5.1 surround sound can be created with minimal additional production complexity. To get started on capturing the atmosphere of the event:

Add a few extra microphones around the crowd

Or add a new surround microphone array

Digital audio mixing consoles provide numerous features that can further simplify mixing in surround. Tools from Dolby and our partners will further aid production. Dolby tools enable you to:

Monitor what your mix will sound like when it’s transmitted

Optimize your mix to hit loudness and metadata delivery specifications

For onward delivery to broadcasters, our partner solutions can:

Provide Dolby E encoding

Alternatively, deliver PCM together with Dolby metadata as required


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