Meeting Delivery Specifications

Thanks to the demands of DVD, there’s a good chance that the soundtracks for premium postproduced genres such as quality drama are already being produced in 5.1 surround sound. The principles of recording and mixing these soundtracks have quickly become established, adapting techniques and tools from the film world to meet the timescales and budgets of television.

The main additional consideration for postproduction is to meet the HD broadcaster’s delivery specification for the 5.1 audio track. The most common formats for delivery are Dolby® E and multichannel PCM.

Tools from Dolby and our partners will help you:

Ensure you meet delivery specifications for the encoding format, loudness, and Dolby metadata

Hear exactly how your mix will be played back on surround, stereo, and even mono systems 


Learn how Star TV India launched 5.1‑channel surround sound.


Use Dolby metadata to deliver audio that sounds just the way you want.


Dolby® surround sound helps you immerse the viewer in the action.


See the range of postproduction hardware and software from Dolby and our partners.