• Capturing the Moment

    Dolby® surround sound helps you immerse the viewer in the action—and create cinema-style sound without movie-sized budgets. TV drama, sports, and concerts are just some of the HD programs regularly broadcast worldwide in Dolby surround sound.

    Benefits for Content Creators and Broadcasters

    Immerses the viewer in the action

    Ensures optimized and predictable replay

    Maintains artistic integrity in the broadcast chain

    Tools from Dolby and our partners make it easy to capture the final mix for onward delivery to broadcasters in common formats such as Dolby E or PCM and to emulate how that mix will sound at home.

    Live ProductionPostproduction



Transport your viewers into the middle of the crowd at a football game or the perfect seats at a concert.


Learn how to fine-tune channels for the best surround sound.


Learn how the Champions League produced football in 5.1 sound.


Partner tools make it easy to create content for forward delivery to broadcasters.