Real-Time Transmission

Real-Time Transmission

Dolby® Digital Plus is the ideal audio partner for H.264 video, the standard for HDTV broadcasting.

Dolby Digital Plus Benefits

Considerable bandwidth savings

Capability to expand to 7.1-channel transmission

Seamless transition from Dolby Digital

Backward compatibility with all existing consumer home theaters

Part of broadcast standards worldwide—DVB™/ETSI, DECE, ATSC, and DLNA®

Dolby Digital Plus is typically used as the final transmission audio format, so audio can be encoded just prior to transmission from the source PCM or Dolby E format.

Together with our professional equipment partners, we offer a variety of solutions that will get you on air, including ingest, encoding, transcoding, conversion, turnaround, QC, and test and measurement. Many of our partners build products for specialized functions that also include Dolby Digital Plus.

In addition to Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby has compatible solutions for AAC transmission.

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