Cinema Albert, Belgium Switches to Dolby 3D

Cinema Albert Belgium - Interior Shot
Interior of Cinema Albert, Belgium

“Our Dolby 3D glasses have been used hundreds of times. Not a pair has broken, nor have we seen a single scratch. This proves the durability and quality of the Dolby product.” 

Philip Cleynens
Cinema Owner and Manager, Cinema Albert, Belgium

Cinema Albert is the oldest cinema in Belgium. It was opened as a one-screen cinema in 1914 by owner Philip Cleynens’ great grandmother and has remained in the family ever since. In 1992, the cinema gained a second screen and today offers 20 screenings per week.  

The Switch to 3D

Cinema Albert added 3D to its offerings in November 2009 in advance of the release of Avatar

“We started with a system we could rent because we weren’t sure if 3D would be a success,” says Philip. “Then came Avatar. We then knew we needed to buy a 3D system and went looking for the best available.”

After careful consideration, Cinema Albert took the advice of many cinema technology installers who recommended Dolby because of the company’s longevity, commitment to the industry, and focus on delivering quality products. 

The 3D glasses themselves were a key consideration in the decision-making process. Cinema Albert wanted passive glasses--ones that didn't involve worrying about battery life or having to change or recharge batteries. It also wanted lighter-weight glasses. Philip says he had heard positive rumors about the quality of Dolby’s glasses, which continue to stun him.

“People treat 3D glasses hard, so it’s a wonder they come back in a good state,” says Philip. “But we’ve been using Dolby 3D for six months now, and the glasses have been used hundreds of times. Not a pair has broken, nor have we seen a single scratch. This proves the durability and quality of the Dolby product.”  

Dolby’s system features reusable 3D glasses that require disinfecting. Cinema Albert relies on its customers disinfecting the glasses themselves with the use of an individually sealed cleaning wipe. Philip and his team continue to educate their customers about the importance of the wipes and now find that some patrons clean the glasses before and after use.    

Upgrading to Dolby Surround 7.1

Cinema Albert has always tried to follow the market to offer its customers the best cinematic experience. Upgrading to Dolby Surround 7.1 was part of this effort and was simple to achieve as the cinema only had to change a couple of wires and add one amplifier. 

“We are convinced that 7.1 will stay because of the digital era,” says Philip. “We are very proud to be the first and oldest cinema in Belgium to upgrade to 7.1.”

Philip stresses that Dolby has helped Cinema Albert raise its profile in many ways, especially as it’s a small, independent cinema. 

“It’s the little things like the Dolby 3D countdown trailer and the Dolby 7.1 trailer that make a big difference,” says Philip. “Both are amazing and generate a great reaction from our customers, who we want to impress and show our commitment to.”