Dolby Atmos for Exhibitors

The Solution Exhibitors Have Been Waiting For

Dolby® Atmos™ is a revolutionary new audio platform for the cinema. It delivers a listening experience that audiences can get only in a theatre and optimizes playback for any speaker configuration. Combining products, services, and technologies, Dolby Atmos represents a complete end-to-end platform for movie sound now and well into the future.

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An Audio Platform That Will Improve Any Theatre


The ability to offer audiences a unique experience is critical for theatre owners. Dolby Atmos delivers this and more. The audio surpasses anything available outside the theatre. And because Dolby Atmos works across a range of theatre configurations, exhibitors can upgrade cinemas over time and realize improvements with each step.

  • Simplifies Inventory

    Simplifies Inventory

    One DCP and one key will play in any theatre in a complex.

  • Delivers A New Experience

    Delivers a New Experience

    Precision placement and movement of sound pulls audiences into the story.

  • Works With Any Theatre

    Works with Any Theatre

    Dolby Atmos makes theatres of every size sound better.

  • Allows Upgrades Over Time

    Allows Upgrades over Time

    Exhibitors can build out rooms at their own rate.

Maximum Audio Performance for Movie Theatres

Dolby Atmos redefines the cinema experience by offering content creators new ways to tell their stories. It adds the ability to control distinct sound elements in a soundtrack to the traditional channel-based approach for mixing, and it ensures that the audience experience is always the best possible for the specific playback environment.

A Scalable Solution for Theatre Owners

For exhibitors who want to get the most from their theatres now and in the future, Dolby Atmos is the ideal solution. Upgrades can be made at once or incrementally, and at every point Dolby Atmos maximizes the audio performance of the theatre.

Technology Highlights

Works across a wide array of speaker configurations and auditorium shapes and sizes

Simplifies distribution with a single DCP inventory

Combines distinct sound elements with channel-based audio content

Captures all of the director’s intent and can generate 5.1 and 7.1 deliverables automatically

Integrates easily into existing audio postproduction workflows

Supports up to 128 simultaneous and lossless audio streams (channels or sound elements)

Allows for up to 64 discrete speaker feeds

Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor CP850

Learn about the Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor CP850, which brings Dolby Atmos audio playback capabilities to your digital cinema.

Dolby Atmos Documents for Exhibitors

White Papers

Dolby Atmos Specifications
This specification provides the recommended and minimum performance requirements for Dolby Atmos installations.

Dolby Atmos Next-Generation Audio for Cinema
Current cinema authoring, distribution, and playback suffer from limitations that constrain the creation of truly immersing and lifelike audio. Dolby Atmos, the next-generation cinema sound platform, addresses these limitations and delivers an audio experience beyond anything available to date.