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Digital Cinema Solution

Dolby® Digital Cinema is a complete, reliable, and flexible solution that combines ease of operation with an unmatched customer experience.

Offers superb picture and sound quality

Integrates easily with existing automation and sound systems

Ensures flexibility to meet your changing needs and protect your investment for years to come

Includes everything you need to efficiently manage and present your features

Meets key Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) specifications

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Dolby Digital Cinema Benefits

Engineered from the ground up for real-world projection booths, Dolby Digital Cinema is a comprehensive, powerful, and reliable digital cinema solution.

Dolby is proud to be a part of the Digital Cinema Open System Alliance (OSA), an industry group that promotes interoperability among digital cinema equipment systems.

At its core is Dolby Screen Server, which provides everything you need to load, store, decode, and deliver pristine digital movies to your digital cinema projector.

Our easy-to-use Dolby Theatre Management System software gives you complete operational control, and lets you perform advanced scheduling either locally or remotely.

Dolby Digital Cinema integrates easily with your existing automation and sound systems, delivering superb picture quality and stunning sound. And Dolby Digital Cinema meets key Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) specifications while providing simplified operation, outstanding reliability, and the highest level of security in the business. The system is the first digital server to achieve Federal Information Protection Standard (FIPS) Level 3 certification, ensuring the highest level of antipiracy protection as specified by DCI.

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