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The Best Glasses-Free 3D for Any Device

Dolby® 3D glasses-free 3D is a suite of technologies developed by Dolby and Philips® that is applied to both 3D content and displays. It provides viewers with easy, exciting, customizable 3D viewing:

Delivers a spectacular, vivid, and clear 3D picture

Works on any 3D TV, tablet, laptop, or smartphone

Automatically optimizes 3D content for the specific device and screen size

Upgrades half-resolution to full-resolution 3D (for both glasses-free and traditional glasses-based 3D)

Lets viewers sit anywhere in the room for great 3D, rather than in one small area

Dolby 3D is the answer that consumers have been looking for, addressing all the barriers that have slowed 3D acceptance, from viewer discomfort to poor picture quality. And like our technology in the cinema, Dolby 3D for devices provides the best 3D picture “from any seat in the house.”

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Dolby 3D glasses-free 3D provides best-in-class display technology for delivering the sharpest, most realistic 3D picture.

Clear Differentiation for Device Manufacturers

Dolby 3D gives device makers a way to clearly differentiate their products:

Provides consumers with a way to adjust the 3D intensity to their preferences

Delivers the sharpest, clearest picture for a realistic and natural look

Automatically optimizes the content for any screen size

Adds full-resolution 3D to content services and devices

Significantly improves the 3D picture quality of all 3D devices, glasses-based or glasses-free

Reduces time to market, lowers costs, and simplifies implementation

Core 3D Technology

The core component of Dolby 3D is a pixel-accurate conversion/multiview-rendering module. It’s designed to deliver the industry’s most "depth-accurate" 3D video for glasses-free (autostereoscopic) displays. Other important features of the module include:

Real-time conversion of 2D content to 3D

User control to adjust depth and perspective for any 3D display

Dolby 3D also features bandwidth-efficient frame-compatible full-resolution (FCFR) video-codec enhancement technology for all H.264 devices. This ensures full HD playback at any connection speed.

With Dolby 3D technology, broadcasters can finally deliver spectacular, consistent 3D content.

Glasses-Free 3D for the Future

Broadcasters at last have a compatible, practical way to provide a premium 3D experience to their subscribers.

Enables 3D services to offer full HD 3D resolution while keeping compatibility with existing devices

Consistently delivers the most enjoyable viewing experience

Retains backward compatibility with today’s 3D ecosystem

Maintains the integrity of the content

Delivers best-quality 3D to any device, with efficient bandwidth use

Dolby 3D upgrades half-resolution 3D signals to full-resolution 3D by adding an enhancement layer that typically increases data requirements by only 10 percent. Among other advantages, this efficiency allows Dolby 3D to optimize the entire system for streaming or downloading content to any device.

Broadcasters can deploy Dolby 3D without worrying about ongoing improvements in 3D displays, because the technology works on all of today’s and tomorrow’s TVs.

Dolby 3D is available now for use in streaming applications on connected TVs, tablets, and smartphones—regardless of the display technology used in the device.

Dolby 3D glasses-free 3D delivers full HD 3D with crisp and clear images. The 3D technology automatically optimizes content for the specific device and screen size you’re using, while enabling you to customize the 3D intensity to your liking.

Key Benefits

Best-quality, glasses-free (naked-eye) 3D viewing

Crisper, sharper images at 1080p quality

Completely natural-looking picture

Customizable 3D effect for best quality and comfort

Versatility to work on any 3D display: TV, tablet, PC, smartphone

The Best Picture for Glasses-Free 3D

Dolby 3D delivers full-resolution 3D that’s clear and totally natural. All elements are where they should be, avoiding the artificial look of much 3D programming today. Our 3D also excels in what it doesn’t add: artifacts, such as ghosting, that detract from your 3D enjoyment.

Enjoyable for Everyone

Your family and friends will appreciate Dolby 3D too, because you won’t all need to crowd into one tiny viewing area. Dolby 3D gives you the optimum balance of comfort and 3D effect wherever you sit, and it does this best on glasses-free displays that use Dolby 3D technology. You’ll be able to stream and download great-looking 3D programs as well.

Dolby 3D also improves 3D on traditional glasses-based TVs, providing full HD (Blu-ray™ quality) playback, along with the ability to adjust the 3D effect to individual tastes.

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