Dolby 3D Awards and Accolades


Broadcast Awards

Dolby garnered awards at NAB 2012 for glasses-free Dolby® 3D for devices, including:

TVB Europe's Best of IBC Award

2012 IABM Game Changer Award

TV Technology magazine's 2012 Mario Award

Dolby 3D Accolades

" was very impressive, and the 3D effect was quite apparent. In fact, it was the best autostereoscopic display I've ever seen."—Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater

"Even more impressive was the Dolby Labs and Philips demo of Dolby 3D. Embodied in a 4k 54-inch display, the demo delivered bright, clear, and detailed moving images. Very watchable!"—Robin Harris, ZDNet 

"Viewing angles were particularly impressive: even from far off to the side, the 3D effect was still present, and the picture was so crisp and clean that it almost took a minute to realize we were looking at 3D footage. …It's among the first TVs we'd want to gather around with our friends and watch a movie in 3D."—David Pierce, The Verge 

"Dolby helped the 3D revolution happen in movie theaters years ago, and now it's teamed up with Philips to do the same for TVs, tablets, laptops and phones."—Engadget 

"Glasses-free” is the Holy Grail of 3D; it might just be the one thing that delivers eyeballs to the 3D content distributors, and Dolby’s got it nailed."—TV Technology 

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