• Dolby Digital Plus

    Enhance the value of
    multiscreen entertainment services

    Whatever your platform—traditional broadcast, OTT,
    or mobile—Dolby® Digital Plus™ cuts through the increasing
    complexity of the marketplace while delivering better quality
    that your customers will notice and pay for.

    Dolby Digital Plus will help you:

    Differentiate your service with premium audio for a
    growing number of devices

    Significantly reduce bandwidth while delivering
    multichannel audio

    Preserve authentic quality throughout the delivery
    and playback chain

    Demo     Dolby Digital Plus Video 

Content Distribution

Operators can more easily deliver an HD entertainment experience.

Proven Solutions

Chosen by leading online services, including Netflix, Vudu, Best Buy, CinemaNow, HBO Go, Dixons KnowHow Movies, Acetrax, and more.

Widest Reach

Over 900 million—and growing—devices have been deployed with Dolby Digital Plus.

Better Audio Quality

Consumers are demanding better audio in their mobile devices. Learn why.