• Dolby Digital Plus

    Explore the best way to enjoy
    and create video

    Users who create, share, and enjoy video on their PC or mobile
    device want applications that give the most compelling experience
    with effortless compatibility. Dolby® Digital Plus™ delivers: it’s the
    industry audio standard for premium entertainment and people’s
    most treasured memories. All new Windows® 8 PCs and many
    leading mobile devices include Dolby Digital Plus, and you can
    easily build it directly into your applications.

    Dolby Digital Plus:

    Unleashes the full audio potential of discs, downloads, and
    premium online services

    Enables enthusiasts to create videos with
    professional-quality audio

    Provides full compatibility with AVCHD™, the standard for the
    highest-quality personal video

    Reaches the widest audience to help grow your business

Surround Sound

Dolby defines surround sound.

Installed Base

Over 900 million—and growing—devices deployed with Dolby Digital Plus.

Software and Apps

Software and applications with Dolby Digital Plus allow professional-quality soundtrack creation and playback.

License Application

It’s easy to do online.