• Dolby Digital Plus

    The complete audio solution
    for the mobile ecosystem

    In the fluid and competitive mobile market, consumers
    continually seek out the best possible entertainment
    experience.Learn why.

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    Only Dolby® Digital Plus™ has the audio quality,
    flexibility, and compatibility that lets products or
    services provide that experience.

    Dolby Digital Plus offers key advantages to system
    on a chip (SoC) vendors, device manufacturers,
    and operators:

    Provides a superior listening experience across all devices

    Maximizes performance of built-in speakers

    Differentiates products and services from the competition

Great Experience

Content comes to life on mobile devices with Dolby Digital Plus.

No Compromises

Dolby Digital Plus adds SoC device capabilities without adding power requirements.

Mobile Operators

Drive growth, revenue, and loyalty with a highly reliable audio solution.


Integrated in DLNA®, HDMI®, and UltraViolet™ standards to meet demand for HD audio.