• Better Audio Makes All the Difference

    How can you make your service stand out in a sea of competitors? Consistently deliver the best possible entertainment experience to your customers, no matter where they are.

    With Dolby® Digital Plus™, your customers enjoy superior sound, no matter which device they use, and you drive growth, revenue, and loyalty with a highly reliable audio solution and a widely recognized audio brand.

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    Only Dolby Digital Plus can deliver the capabilities you need:

    Integrates easily into mobile devices and entertainment applications

    Custom-tuned for each device module for the best-possible quality

    Allows connection to home theater via HDMI® or DLNA®

    Compatible with Hollywood content recorded in Dolby Digital

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    Mobile Operators

  • Why Audio Matters in Mobile

    If a video clip sounds better, it looks better. When bandwidth constraints reduce the video quality you can deliver, compensate by improving the audio.

    Research has shown that viewer perceptions of the quality of a video improve when it’s accompanied by higher audio quality. Bandwidth-efficient and scalable, Dolby Digital Plus gives you an ideal way to provide this better audio quality in mobile environments. You can give your viewers a better overall entertainment experience on a reduced bit-rate budget.

    Scientific Findings

    Studies by both the AES and IEEE have established that high-quality audio greatly benefits perceptions of video quality. This is particularly notable in fast-moving sequences, such as popular action features.

    Mobile Operators

  • The Dolby Difference

    Dolby stands for high-quality audio without compromise. Dolby engineers tune each of your device models to bring out its best audio performance. This allows even the smallest speakers or stereo headphones to convey the essence of a story or the excitement of a live event—essential for successful premium mobile entertainment.

    Dolby Digital Plus sound brings realism and impact to a story as intended by its creator. It completely immerses your audiences in the action, yet dialogue comes through loud and clear—even when whispered in the midst of onscreen chaos. Live-event videos can also transport viewers by delivering a more authentic—and more involving—experience. 

    Differentiate your service and thrill your customers with Dolby Digital Plus.

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    Mobile Operators

Attract Subscribers

Attract and retain subscribers by clearly separating your entertainment offerings.

Drive ROI from 4G/LTE

Realize additional revenue opportunities through premium multimedia services.

Multiscreen Offering

Leverage a proven solution widely adopted in OTT and broadcast to win and keep your audience.

Future-Proof for HD

Benefit from integration in media framework standards such as DLNA, HDMI, and UltraViolet.