Dolby Voice Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing Revolutionized

Dolby® Voice™ is a software solution that transforms audio conferencing.

"We have experienced spectacular quality using BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice. We wish all our conference calls could have such a high-quality productive experience."
—Roopam Jain, Industry Director, Frost & Sullivan

Stunning Audio Quality and More Productive Conference Calls

Dolby Voice  

Audio conferencing is an indispensable business tool, but conventional solutions have limitations that make meetings awkward and inefficient. Participants generally behave differently than in live meetings. They may talk too much or too loudly, or simply hit the Mute button and never join in.

Dolby Voice replaces all that with the natural sound and feel of an in-person meeting. Rather than a tedious necessity, conference calls become a viable and productive alternative to face-to-face gatherings.

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Everyone Will Hear and Be Heard

Dolby Voice encourages participation and spontaneity in voice communications, so mobile and distributed teams work together better.

Available Wherever You Work

Access it on your computer, your mobile phone, and the Dolby Voice Conference Phone. Participate fully and equally, from anywhere.

Lower Your Conferencing Costs

Dolby Voice uses an end-to-end Internet protocol (IP) connection to reduce costs. You get the best audio and the simplest user experience, and you save money.

Dolby Voice Takes Audio Conferencing Far Beyond Mere Connectivity

Dolby Voice

Getting people on the line is only the first step toward a truly productive audio conference. Dolby Voice takes conference calls to a whole new level.

Dolby Voice uses sophisticated signal processing to eliminate the technology barriers that make traditional conference calls noisy, distracting, and hard to follow. Now you can focus on the business at hand rather than on the connection.

If you've experienced typical audio conferencing, Dolby Voice will be a revelation. Here's what you can expect.

Stunning audio quality

You get outstanding fidelity. Extraneous noises are eliminated, so you'll clearly hear what is being said and not be distracted.

Know who's speaking

Dolby Voice

Voice separation lets you hear each person's voice from a distinct virtual location. You'll understand and keep track of who's speaking and maintain a better conversational flow.

Inclusive experience

Everyone who speaks can be heard, even those with soft voices. You'll feel like you're really in the meeting, not at the end of a phone line. Naturally contribute to the conversation—you won't need to shout to make yourself heard.

Improved productivity

The inclusive experience promotes natural and spontaneous interaction and better engages users, which in turn leads to far more productive outcomes. Decisions get made, innovation increases, and distributed teams are more effective.

Best mobile communications

Access Dolby Voice from your PC, Mac®, iPhone®, or Android™ device and over any IP network, including the public Internet. You'll get the same superior experience whether at your desk or on the go—no more compromises when communicating from your mobile phone.

Dolby Voice Conference Phone

Dolby Voice

The innovative Dolby Voice Conference Phone brings the exceptional Dolby Voice experience to your meeting rooms. It dramatically improves meetings by bridging the gap between in-room and remote participants. Everyone participates as if in the same room. This dual-mode device lets you use Dolby Voice mode for conference calls and place standard phone calls through your IP phone system.

Cut Costs

Dolby Voice lowers your network transport and connectivity costs: you access meetings over any IP network, instead of paying for more expensive local rates and toll-free access numbers.

With Dolby Voice, there is no need to choose between quality, convenience, and cost. Users will want it because it is better and simpler. IT will love it because it costs less.

Works with Existing Tools and IT Infrastructure

Leverage your current investments through integration with leading communications and collaboration solutions, such as Microsoft® Lync® and Cisco WebEx®.

Attending Dolby Voice meetings with Dolby Voice enabled applications and the Dolby Voice Conference Phone offers the optimal experience. To ensure that everyone is included, you can also dial into a meeting with a traditional phone.

BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice

Hear the new sound of collaboration

BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice is the BT® conferencing service that delivers the Dolby Voice experience. A key part of BT's market-leading portfolio of communications solutions, BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice is built upon the established reservationless BT MeetMe service.

A global presence, BT operates in more than 170 countries. Operational excellence lies at the heart of BT's business deliveries—just one reason its enterprise customers express the highest levels of satisfaction.

See how Dolby and BT have teamed up to change the way the world communicates.

Dolby Voice Accolades

Industry analysts who have experienced Dolby Voice are enthusiastic.

"It sounds awesome. Dolby Voice has to be experienced to be appreciated."
Andy Nilssen, Senior Analyst and Partner, Wainhouse Research

"It's really incredible and I think quite frankly it's going to change the way our industry works."
Jim Burton, Founder and CEO, CTLink

"User demand for audio conferencing services has been growing explosively, triggered by the increasing need for communications and collaboration among virtual teams. While audio conferences have become a grassroots communication tool for businesses of all sizes, the pace of innovation in voice quality has come to a standstill for the last several years. The focus has largely shifted to commoditized services for a bulk of users that have learned to compromise on clarity for lower prices. There is a huge unmet need today in the market for enhanced audio conferencing that can lead to more productive virtual meetings and gets users closer to in-person experiences."
Roopam Jain, Industry Director, Frost & Sullivan

"As an industry analyst, it's important to stay grounded with respect to what businesses need here and now. Video conferencing has dominated the limelight of enterprise communications solutions marketing; however, it is the audio channel that remains the first choice for most professionals who need to get work done. Accordingly, audio solutions continue to evolve to deliver enhanced features that enable high value and high-quality interactions. Because these new tools are erasing many of the issues inherent to legacy audio conferencing applications, we expect voice to remain the preferred channel for many users in years to come."
Rob Arnold, Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan