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  • Support for Dolby Home Theater v4 or Dolby Advanced Audio v2 Audio Drivers

    Have you recently upgraded to Windows ® 10? Are you looking for audio drivers to reinstall Dolby Home Theater® v4 or Dolby Advanced Audio™ v2 on your computer?

    You can find audio drivers by visiting the support section of your PC or tablet manufacturer's website. Every manufacturer's computer or tablet model is custom-tuned to deliver an optimized audio experience for the device. Please contact your device manufacturer to download the audio driver for the specific model.

    Following is a list of a few top PC and tablet brands, with links to their website:

    Support for Consumer Products with Dolby Technologies

    Having problems with your consumer equipment (remote control, speaker, receiver, TV, gaming device, or mobile device)?

    Dolby creates and licenses audio technologies that are inside your devices, not the devices themselves. If a Dolby logo appears on your product or in the product's user manual, then the hardware manufacturer has licensed a Dolby technology. For example, manufacturers of Blu-ray Disc™ players, DVD disc players, and A/V receivers license Dolby Digital Plus™ so that you can enjoy a surround sound experience with your home theater.

    For assistance with your product, please contact the retailer from whom you purchased the product, or contact the product manufacturer. You can find contact information for the manufacturer in your owner's manual or on the company's website.

    Home Theater Setup

    For home theater setup information, please visit the following guides:

    Support for Dolby Products

    For Dolby business partners, log in to the Dolby Customer portal for help with your customer or partner account.

    Support for Dolby Conference Phone

    To get help with your Dolby Conference Phone or to download the latest firmware updates, visit Dolby Conference Phone Support.


    Apply for a license to include Dolby® technologies in your products.

    If you are a Dolby licensee, you have access to extensive and customized information, including licensing agreements, marketing information, and technical updates. Visit Licensee Support.

    Dolby Hardware Warranty and Software Maintenance Policies

    Read warranty and maintenance policies.

    Game Development

    Find out how to use the Dolby Audio API and Dolby technologies. Visit Dolby Developer.

    Support for Dolby Axon

    Looking for Dolby Axon support? Visit the Dolby Axon Desktop Client Support Center.

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