• Dolby Virtual Speaker

    Dolby Virtual Speaker transforms stereo (two-channel) and 5.1-channel content into virtual surround sound that you can enjoy over just two speakers.

    Dolby Virtual Speaker Benefits

    • Realistic 5.1-Channel Surround Surround

      Using only two speakers, Dolby® Virtual Speaker gives you the complete sonic spectrum and dynamic audio of a 5.1-channel speaker system.

    • Living Room Not Required

      Because Dolby Virtual Speaker works with any pair of speakers, you can experience surround sound even in small spaces, and with a variety of devices—including TVs, A/V receivers, and sound bars.

    • Select Your Listening Mode

      Choose from the two surround listening settings, Wide mode and Reference mode, for the Dolby Virtual Speaker option that gives the best possible audio in your unique environment.

    • Wide Mode for Smaller Spaces

      Ideal for small spaces, Wide mode broadens the sound image by creating the sense that the two speakers are farther apart than they are in reality.

    • Reference Mode for Larger Spaces

      Reference mode keeps the width of the front sound image the same as the actual distance between the two speakers, so it's better suited for more spacious environments.