• Dolby Vision transforms your cinema and TV viewing experiences with astonishing brightness, contrast, and color.

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  • See Entertainment Come Alive

    Dolby Vision delivers striking highlights, brilliant colors, and deep darks never before seen on standard television screens.

    See below for a simulation of how Dolby Vision transforms a standard dynamic range picture.

    With Dolby Vision, this cityscape explodes with electric color.

    Explore the vivid, brilliant hues of the Scandola Nature Reserve.

    Notice the range of dark to light—from cave floor to radiant highlights—with details throughout.

    Discover realistic contrast and dimensionality in this distinctive image of Hong Kong.

    See how the muted colors and lighting of a train station become more lifelike and dramatic.

  • The VIZIO Reference Series with Dolby Vision

    Introducing the first television with the power of Dolby Vision. It redefines picture quality and delivers the vibrancy of 4K Ultra HD content through streaming on VUDU.

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  • Note: The simulation above is intended for illustration purposes only, and actual results may vary. Only Dolby Vision enabled devices are capable of displaying Dolby Vision content at full resolution.