• Sound Bars

  • A sound bar improves audio performance over a television's built-in speakers without the complications of installing multiple speakers throughout a room.

  • The Simplicity of a Sound Bar

    You enjoy high-quality audio—the way it brings out the subtleties in entertainment, the way it heightens the impact—but not enough to invest in a full-blown home theater. Maybe you live in a small apartment. Maybe your favorite place to watch movies is from bed. Or maybe you just like to keep things simple. Whatever your reasons, a sound bar could be the answer. The best sound bars combine superior audio capabilities and ingenious design into a sleek and unobtrusive package. The benefits include:

    • Easy setup, with minimal wires
    • Superior sound over TV speakers
    • Seamless integration with room aesthetics 

    A Richer Experience with Dolby

    Sound bars come in two basic varieties: those with their own built-in amplification ("powered"), and those that must be connected to an A/V receiver or amplifier ("passive"). Some also feature a separate subwoofer for the lowest frequencies. Another important consideration is the presence of critical Dolby® technologies. These enhance a sound bar's audio capabilities and create a richer, more satisfying listening experience for you. 

    A sound bar should include some combination of the following Dolby technologies: 

    • Dolby Digital: The established audio standard for digital television and DVD entertainment    
    • Dolby Digital Plus™: The next-generation audio technology selected by leading online services for premium content  
    • Dolby TrueHD: Lossless audio for top-tier movies on Blu-ray Disc™  
    • Dolby Pro Logic® II: Transforms stereo (two-channel) audio into a surround sound experience     
    • Dolby Volume: Eliminates volume differences between content and enhances playback at low volumes   
  • Sound Bars with Dolby Technologies

    Dolby technologies elevate the overall performance of sound bars and add important features. Look for sound bars from these manufacturers when shopping for your next system.