• Tablets

  • Tablets with Dolby Digital Plus technology are complete portable entertainment systems. Enjoy rich and powerful sound from movies, music, TV shows, and games wherever you go.

  • Sound That Takes You Places

    Any tablet can provide portable entertainment, but poor audio performance on some tablets takes away from the full impact of a movie or song. Dolby® Digital Plus™ elevates the movies, TV shows, music, and games on your tablet with sound that helps you escape reality.

    • Realistic Surround Sound: Enjoy a surround sound experience through tablet speakers or headphones. Dolby Digital Plus simulates the placement of surround speakers for more powerful and captivating audio. 
    • Feel Closer to the Action: Hear clearly, even in loud and busy environments. Experience premium audio quality, with depth and power that you never expected from your tablet. 
    • A New Mobile Audio Experience: Dolby worked with tablet manufacturers to dramatically improve clarity and performance. Hear every word of dialogue and enjoy the cinema-style experience that Dolby surround sound brings to mobile entertainment. 
    • Surround Sound to Go: With Dolby audio in your tablet, you can connect to any home theater system and watch movies in full cinema-style surround sound. 

    Experience premium audio quality on your mobile device with Dolby Digital Plus.

  • Portable Sound Technology

    From home theaters and PCs to mobile phones and online streaming, Dolby Digital Plus defines high-fidelity audio.