VUDU Streaming Movie Service

Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Movie Service

Access a vast library of movies and TV titles from all Hollywood studios and leading independent distributors directly from your HDTV with VUDU™, featuring Dolby® Digital Plus.

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VUDU Features

New movies weekly: Watch newly released movies the same day the DVD becomes available.

HDX™ movies: Get high-quality Internet-delivered content in high definition, featuring 1080p HD and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound.

World's largest HD library: With more than 4,000 HD titles, VUDU has the largest collection available anywhere.

VUDU apps: Hundreds of applications give you access to free content from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Pandora.

Instant convenience: You'll never need to drive or wait for the mail for movies again.

No subscription: Rent or buy standard or high-definition movies whenever you like—only pay for what you watch.

How to Get Started

To discover the convenience and excitement of VUDU's high-definition on-demand movie service, all you need is a fast Internet connection and a VUDU enabled device.

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Dolby Digital Plus Completes Your Online Experience

Dolby Digital Plus provides compelling, discrete multichannel surround sound that defines high-fidelity audio. It opens up an authentic theatrical experience when you watch movies and TV shows on your 5.1-channel home theater system.

Together with VUDU, Dolby Digital Plus changes the way you experience online entertainment. 

Delivers 5.1 channels of cinematic surround sound

Ensures that you’ll hear audio just as the movie or TV director intended

Conveys the full power and emotional impact of the program

Takes full advantage of your home theater's capabilities

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