Dolby Axon

Dolby Axon Surround Sound Chat for Gamers

Get ready for more exciting game play—and a strategic advantage.

Developed from the ground up specifically for games and gamers, Dolby® Axon is the latest in chat technology. Dolby Axon transforms game play, improving voice quality and adding new features so that chat can finally match the visual experience in the latest games. Our free desktop client lets you set up chat rooms for your friends. Incorporated into a game, Dolby Axon maps each player's voice to the action. 

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Desktop Client

Our free stand-alone chat client gives you complete control in an application that's easy to use and lightweight. Set up a chat room for your teammates. Plan a raid. It’s never been easier.

Dolby Axon Benefits

Improves the chat experience for faster, more efficient communication

Provides high-quality cinematic chat, free of unwanted noise and clipping

Desktop client makes chat easy to use and lightweight, so you can focus on the game

In-game integration maps speech sounds to the game environment for added realism

Dolby Axon in Games

When a developer integrates Dolby Axon into a game, you feel immersed in the game experience. Speech sounds totally natural and fits in perfectly with the game play. You'll know exactly where your teammates are when you hear them speak.

Learn more about Dolby Axon in games and try it in Need for Speed™ World.


Cinematic surround sound: Dolby Axon delivers it over speakers or a headset.

Customizable chat rooms: Quickly divide your chat participants into smaller groups for easier communication.

Permanent chat rooms: You get five permanent rooms so that everyone always knows where to gather.

Larger chats: Get up to 50 people active in a chat. (Basic users can have only five.)

Learn more about the Dolby Axon desktop client.