• Inspiring Filmmakers

    The Dolby Institute

  • The Dolby Institute was created to educate and inspire content providers to effectively use sound and visual technologies as creative tools.

  • Dolby Institute Programs and Events

    • Film festival circuit

      Provides support services, equipment, and sponsorship to leading film festivals worldwide and helps filmmakers present their work in a showcase environment

    • Fellowships

      Supports the work of content creators who demonstrate innovative use of sound in their content

    • Made for web

      Encourages the use of sound and picture as storytelling tools and enables creative sound design and 5.1 streaming for web-produced content like Video Game High School

    • Corridor Digital tutorials

      Presents tutorials by Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer of Corridor Digital on Foley, mixing, fixing production audio problems, sound design, and more

    • Industry panels and events

      Exposes young filmmakers to the best sound and visual experiences in the medium to inspire them to use the power of sight and sound in their storytelling

    • Film schools

      Facilitates training and tools for student storytellers, and seeks to apply the same training and tools to nontraditional educational environments

  • To Educate and Inspire

    Dolby Laboratories has long been considered the preeminent provider of sound technology in the film industry. Beginning with Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, the first film to use Dolby® noise reduction technology, we've been at the forefront of improving cinema sound. Given our history of enhancing what moviegoers hear, we created the Dolby Institute to educate and inspire content providers to use the power of audio and visual technologies in all their projects.

    All too often, sound is treated as an afterthought—something to be considered only once a film is shot, once the animation for a game has been produced, or once an app is developed. The Dolby Institute's goal is to help you, as artists, think critically about sound throughout the creative process.

    "The Dolby Institute engages artists by providing education, inspiration, and support throughout the creative process," says Glenn Kiser, Director of the Dolby Institute. "We encourage thinking creatively about sound and visuals as storytelling tools from the beginning."

    The Future of Sound

    Over time, the Dolby Institute will develop educational programming aimed at a broad range of content creators, whether you're making a film, mixing the sound for a sporting event, or designing a new mobile app. It will also create forums to bring artists and scientists together to discuss the future of entertainment and how we can all put technological advances in the service of great storytelling.

  • "We encourage thinking creatively about sound and visuals as storytelling tools from the beginning."

    Glenn Kiser, Director, Dolby Institute