• Dolby Digital Cinema Processor CP750

    The Dolby Digital Cinema Processor CP750 provides easy-to-operate audio control in digital cinema environments. It supports innovative Dolby Surround 7.1 premium surround sound and integrates seamlessly with existing technologies.

    Dolby Digital Cinema Processor CP750

    Versatile Audio Processing for Digital Cinema

    Designed specifically for digital cinemas, the Dolby® Digital Cinema Processor CP750 delivers the best in surround sound from all content sources. In addition to the digital cinema formats (Dolby Surround 7.1 and 5.1 digital PCM), it also decodes Dolby Digital Surround EX™ (bitstream), Dolby Pro Logic® II, and Dolby Pro Logic.

    Integrates with Dolby Show Manager Software

    Integration with Dolby Show Manager software gives you a drag-and-drop interface so that you can easily build volume cues and digital input selection into a show. You also get real-time volume control from any Dolby Show Manager client and seamless processing of ASCII commands from third-party controllers.

    Controlled from Anywhere

    The Dolby CP750 is ready for the network operations center (NOC) and can be monitored and controlled anywhere on the network for status and function. Hearing-impaired (HI) and auxiliary analog outputs complement the Dolby CP750's main eight-channel audio output.

    Cinema Sound Processors

    Dolby cinema processors deliver the highest-quality digital cinema playback of Dolby soundtracks, as well as the Dolby consumer codecs commonly used for alternative content.

    Dolby Acquires Doremi

    Dolby has acquired cinema-server leader Doremi, increasing the breadth of our offerings and expertise in the highly competitive cinema landscape.

    Dolby CP750 Features

    • Eight-Channel Digital Input (4 × AES/EBU) for Digital Cinema Server

      Includes support for Dolby Surround 7.1
      Provides access to hearing-impaired (HI) and visually impaired-narrative (VI-N) tracks when provided on 7/8

    • Two Digital Pair Inputs (1 × AES/EBU each)

      Connects alternative content sources (for example, preshow server or satellite receiver)

    • Toslink Digital Input

      Connects alternative content sources that output optical digital audio

    • Eight-Channel Analog Input

      Connects an existing film sound processor for hybrid installations or retrofits

    • USB Connector

      Allows easy setup of your system from a PC

    • Ethernet Connector

      For connection with the Dolby Show Manager network; allows monitoring, control, or upgrades anywhere on the network for glitch-free shows

    Dolby CP750 Specifications

    Other Inputs/Outputs

    Ethernet Connector
    • RJ-45 for network connection and PC setup software
    Automation Connector
    • 25-pin female D-connector, floating ground
    RS-232 Serial Port
    • 9-pin female D-connector
    Remote Connector
    • RJ-45 connector for use with optional Remote Fader CAT868 (not an Ethernet connection)
    Backup Power Port
    • 4-pin female XLR connector for use with optional External Power Supply CAT994
    AC Input
    • Simple unswitched IEC power inlet module
    USB Port
    • For connection to PC to run setup software

    Audio Processing

    • 44.1, 48, and 96 kHz; 16-, 20-, and 24-bit
    Dolby Digital (AC-3)
    • Up to 5.1 channels
    Dolby Pro Logic
    • L, C, R, and S (SW configurable)
    Dolby Pro Logic II
    • L, C, R, Ls, and Rs (SW configurable)
    Dolby Digital Surround EX
    • L, C, R, Ls, Rs, Bsl, Bsr, and SW
    • L, R, and S (SW configurable)

    Other Parameters

    Global Audio Delay
    • All input sources separately adjustable from 0–250 ms
    Surround Delay
    • Digital surround delay: 0–150 ms; Dolby Pro Logic surround delay: 0–150 ms
    • Eight-channel 1/3-octave plus parametric for SW
    Dynamic Range
    • Typically 105 dB clip to CCIR/ARM weighted without noise optimizer enabled, up to 10 dB more with optimizer enabled
    • Typically 0.005% from eight-channel analog input to main output

    Optional Accessories

    • External Power Supply CAT994
    • Remote Fader CAT868
    • CP750-CK Connector Kit
    • CP750 Installation Manual (Dolby Part Number 9110270)

    Power Requirements

    • 100–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz

    Dimensions and Weight

    • 2-U rackmount chassis
    • 89 × 432 mm (3.5 × 17 inches)
    • Overall depth, including connectors and fader knob: 269 mm (10.6 inches)
    • Depth behind rack ears, including connectors: 248 mm (9.75 inches)
    • Depth in front of rack ear mounting surface: 24 mm (0.94 inches)
    • Net: 4.2 kg (9.4 lb)

    Environmental Conditions

    • Operating: 0°C–40°C (32°F–104°F)
    • Humidity: 20%–80% relative humidity (noncondensing)

    Regulatory Notices

    • North America: This unit complies with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC rules, and Industry Canada ICES-003 specifications. It is UL Listed for the US and Canada.
    • Europe: This unit complies with the requirements of Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC and EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and carries the CE marking accordingly.

    Dolby CP750 Front Panel Specifications

    Digital 1 Input

    • 4 × AES 25-pin female D-connector provides four AES/EBU channel pair inputs
    • Input impedance: 110Ω balanced

    Digital 2, 3 Inputs

    • 1 × AES male BNC connectors, unbalanced but floating, per AES-3id-1995/SMPTE 276M
    • Input impedance: 75Ω

    Digital Input

    • Digital Toslink connector

    Multichannel Analog Input

    • Eight-channel 25-pin female D-connector, balanced analog, 10K differential input impedance
    • Reference level: 300 mV

    Nonsync Input

    • Two-channel RCA connector, 21K input impedance, adjustable input level

    Microphone Input

    • XLR connector, standard pinout, 10K differential input impedance, 12 V phantom power available, adjustable gain

    Dolby CP750 Rear Panel Specifications

    Main Audio Output

    • Eight-channel 25-pin male D-connector, balanced floating analog, 100Ω differential output impedance
    • Do not load with less than 600Ω differential

    Auxiliary Output

    • Two-channel, unbalanced analog, 100Ω output impedance, RCA connectors
    • Reference level: 200 mV
    • Always routes channel pair 7/8 of 4 × AES input for alternate uses such as HI and VI-N transmitters—this fixed-level output has no EQ and is not controlled by the fader

    Hearing-Impaired Output

    • One-channel, unbalanced analog, 100Ω output impedance, RCA connector
    • Center weighted sum of Left, Center, and Right channels
    • Output level: 200 mV
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