• Dolby Theatre Management System

    Dolby Theatre Management System software simplifies and streamlines digital screen operations while maximizing all the advantages of digital cinema.

    Dolby® Theatre Management System (TMS) software gives you comprehensive central control over all your cinema presentations—for a single screen, a large multiplex, or an integrator's entire network.

    As an integral part of a networked Dolby Digital Cinema system, Dolby TMS software gives you network control of up to three Dolby servers without any additional equipment. It also enables central network control of all the Dolby servers in a multiplex equipped with a Dolby Show Library unit.

    From ingesting content and moving it even while playing, to drag-and-drop show assembly and fully automatic presentations, Dolby TMS software has been designed to give you operational simplicity, at-a-glance monitoring, and comprehensive remote control. Among its many features, Dolby TMS software can be updated remotely, as can Dolby servers, and Dolby web services allows interoperability with third-party control systems.

    Dolby TMS software is easy to use, versatile, and powerful. The system integrates seamlessly with your other equipment, and offers the only digital cinema solution that draws on our more than 35 years' experience as leaders in the motion picture industry.

    Dolby Atmos Cinema Sound

    Dolby Atmos represents a dynamic shift in audio, reinventing traditional surround sound methodology.

    • Easy-to-Use Interface

      With drag-and-drop show assembly, the intuitive user interface hides the complexity of digital cinema systems.

    • Seamless Integration

      The software easily integrates with systems you already have, including point of sale (POS), FTP file servers, and even other digital cinema players.

    • Reliable Status Monitoring

      Real-time updates of all Dolby servers means no lag time for status information and a more responsive system overall.

    Dolby Theatre Management System Specifications


    • View the show status of an entire multiplex from one monitor screen (title, running/ready/stopped, remaining time, and timeline)
    • View descriptive system alerts
    • Access remote user interface on any Windows® computer
    • View license information and the status of a clip or show


    • Easily load content from the CRU, USB, or DVD-ROM drive, or FTP via the network
    • Create, build, manage, or modify a show with drag-and-drop ease
    • Built-in cues for Dolby audio processor volume and format (CP750, CP650, and DMA8Plus)
    • Projector macro cue support
    • Cue support for external RS-232 serial controllers
    • Copy a show to use as a template


    • Load license keys from USB, or drag and drop into a Show Library FTP folder from any PC on the network—licenses will automatically distribute to the proper auditoriums
    • Easily manage and move content locally or around the theatre network (even while playing a show)
    • Built-in show scheduler for fully automatic operation of the multiplex
    • Optional integration of scheduler with POS systems
    • Control and edit any auditorium from any TMS client location
    • Context-sensitive built-in help screens
    • View and export system device logs easily
    • Export secure audit logs for encrypted playback validation
    • Support for Dolby web services
    • Remote upgrade capability
    • Closed captioning support

    Dolby Theatre Management System Documents

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