A Revolutionary Approach to Sound

Dolby® Atmos™ delivers audiences a more natural and realistic soundfield, transporting them into the story with a lifelike sensory experience. Developed with input from professionals throughout the movie industry, Dolby Atmos represents a dynamic shift in audio, reinventing the traditional surround sound methodology and offering a complete platform for sound now and well into the future.

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A Versatile Solution for Everyone

Content Creators
Content Creators

Allows for more powerful storytelling by giving content creators unprecedented control of the placement and movement of sound within the movie theatre.

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Greatly simplifies movie distribution by eliminating multiple format inventories. With Dolby Atmos, the same file will play in any theatre.

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Delivers a compelling experience that audiences can get only in a theatre and optimizes playback for any speaker configuration.

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Brings a powerful new listening experience with more natural, realistic cinema sound that truly envelops the audience and allows them to hear the whole picture.

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Theatre Setup Innovations

Top Surround Speakers
With the addition of speakers on the theatre ceiling, Dolby Atmos introduces new possibilities for sound design.
Pan-Through Arrays
Rather than assigning sounds to a group of speakers, mixers can now position sounds precisely around the audience with higher resolution.
Up to 64 Speaker Channels
With support for up to 64 channels, Dolby Atmos can render detailed audio optimized to match any theatre configuration.
Side Surrounds
Additional side surround speakers placed closer to the screen improve audio transitions to better match offscreen action.
More Screen Speakers
Additional speakers behind the screen create smoother pans, particularly in rooms with very wide screens.
Hybrid System
Dolby Atmos layers dynamic sound elements on top of a channel-based audio foundation to deliver a consistent experience to any theatre.
Dolby Atmos introduces a number of theatre innovations. Roll your cursor over the blue dots to learn more. Find a Dolby Atmos theatre near you.

Dolby Atmos Global Post Facilities

Find a Dolby Atmos theatre near you. The following postproduction houses feature Dolby Atmos.
3H Sound Studio
Taipei, Taiwan
Best Digital Group
Madrid, Spain
China Film Post
Yangsong, China
China Research Institute of Film Science & Technology (CRIFST)
Beijing, China
Moscow, Russia
Paris, France
Cinepost Production
Munich, Germany
Creative Sound
Paris, France
New York, NY, USA
Deluxe Digital
London, United Kingdom
Seoul, Korea
Warsaw, Poland
Dubbing Brothers
Paris, France
Feelfine Culture Media
Beijing, China
Mumbai, India
Four Frames
Chennai, India
G Studio
Chennai, India
Ink Production
Paris, France
Hong Kong, China
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Bangkok, Thailand
Lightstorm Entertainment
Santa Monica, CA, USA
Media Artists
Chennai, India
Media Business Services Limited (MBS Studios)
Hong Kong, China
Ministi Film
Copenhagen, Denmark
Moscow, Russia
Park Road Post Production,
Wellington, New Zealand
Kehlen, Luxembourg
Pinewood Group, Korda Theatre
Middlesex, United Kingdom
Pinewood Group, Shepperton Studios
Middlesex, United Kingdom
Pinewood Studios, Powell Theatre
Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Post Republic
Berlin, Germany
Post Production Office
Beijing, China
Ramindra Studios
Bangkok, Thailand
Rotor Film
Berlin, Germany
Santa Barbara Studios
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Shepperton Korda
London, United Kingdom
Skywalker Sound

Nicasio, CA, USA

Sony Pictures Post Production
Culver City, CA, USA
Sound Forestt Studio
Beijing, China
Melbourne, Australia
Barcelona, Spain
Soundtrack Group, Studio K
New York, NY, USA
Technicolor at Paramount
Hollywood, CA, USA
Hollywood, CA, USA
Toei Studios
Tokyo, Japan
Warner Bros.
Burbank, CA, USA
WB Screening Room
London, United Kingdom
YRF Studios
Mumbai, India