• Dolby Digital Live
    Games Through Your Home Theater

    Dolby Digital Live allows you to connect a PC or game console to your home theater using a single connection and enjoy the benefits of high-quality surround sound while you play.

    • Surround Sound for Games

      Dolby® Digital Live provides a better overall game experience by immersing you in 5.1-channel surround sound to match your game play.

    • No Delays or Pauses

      Optimized for low-latency interactive applications, Dolby Digital Live is ideally suited for games because it does not introduce any perceptible delays between video and audio.

    • Exceptional Compatibility

      Dolby Digital Live transforms PC audio signals into Dolby Digital, the audio backbone for home networks. This enables playback in the millions of home theater systems equipped with Dolby Digital.

    • One-Cable Connections

      By using a single digital connection, Dolby Digital Live ensures the integrity of the audio signal and eliminates the confusion, hassle, and clutter of multiple analog and digital connections.

    Inside the Game with Dolby Digital Live

    The best gaming experiences make you feel like you're not merely playing the game but a part of the game. Dolby Digital Live makes achieving this feeling easier than ever by enabling real-time playback of game audio through a 5.1-channel home theater system. With Dolby Digital Live, sounds surround you and the audio details of the game come to life.

    Real-Time Encoding

    Dolby Digital Live works inside your PC or game console while you play, encoding the 5.1-channel audio in the game's audio engine into a Dolby Digital output bitstream. This makes the audio compatible with all Dolby Digital 5.1 playback systems, including A/V receivers, home-theater-in-a-box (HTiB) systems, and integrated 5.1 speaker systems. It also makes connecting your PC or game console to your home theater easy. All you need is a single S/PDIF connector.

    The real-time interactive capabilities of Dolby Digital Live make it ideally suited for games. It reproduces audio cues and effects that remain faithful to the game developer's sound design, and it does so without introducing perceptible delays between the action onscreen and the sound coming from your speakers.

    Optimized for Gamers' Hearing

    Dolby Digital audio coding divides the audio spectrum of each channel into narrow frequency bands optimized for the frequency selectivity of human hearing. Coding noise can stay very close in frequency to, and be masked by, the frequency components of the audio signal.

    Efficient Use of Channels

    The Dolby Digital algorithm analyzes how the available bits are distributed among channels from a common bit pool. Channels with greater frequency content can demand more data than sparsely occupied channels, for example, or strong sounds in one channel can provide masking for noise in other channels.

    Versatile Audio for Game Play

    Dolby Digital coding can process at least 20-bit dynamic range digital audio signals over a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. (The Low-Frequency Effects [LFE channel] covers 20 to 120 Hz.) Sampling rates of 32, 44.1, and 48 kHz are supported. Data rates for 5.1 channels include the 448 kbps standard for DVD-Video.


    Dolby Digital Live for Professional Game Developers

    Dolby Digital Live delivers interactive 5.1-channel surround sound to players by allowing them to easily connect their PCs and game consoles to their home theater systems. Supported in some of the top consoles, it enables more engaging and exciting game play for any home theater. Dolby Digital Live makes it practical for developers to create game audio with 5.1-channel immersion and directionality for the largest number of players possible worldwide.

    Build with 5.1 Playback in Mind

    • With Dolby Digital Live, the 5.1 mix from your game's audio engine reaches the gamer through the same proven technology that powers cinemas and home theaters worldwide.
    • Dolby Digital Live enables unparalleled creativity in sound design, including effects placement and audio responsive to movements in real time. When the player looks in a new direction, for example, the audio follows suit.
    • Dolby Digital Live assigns channels the same as movies and all other 5.1-channel content: Left, Center, Right, Left Surround, Right Surround, and Low-Frequency Effects.
    • You need no special equipment or licenses to create games compatible with Dolby Digital Live playback. You can even ask Dolby to help you deliver the audio experience you intend.

    Dolby Digital: The Standard in Digital Sound

    Dolby Digital delivers up to 5.1 discrete channels of high-quality surround sound for digital television, DVDs, and online streaming.