• Dolby Vision

    Dolby Vision delivers a dramatically different visual experience. Astonishing brightness, incomparable contrast, and brilliant color bring entertainment to life before your eyes.

    Dolby Vision Benefits

    • Brighter Highlights and Deeper Darks

      Dolby Vision™ is capable of 40 times more brightness than a conventional TV. Sunrises blaze brilliantly from the screen, and shadow detail is rendered clearly.

    • Dramatic Contrast

      Dolby Vision delivers up to 1,000 times more contrast to reveal depth and detail that make scenes feel astonishingly real. Even the brightest highlights don't wash out dark areas or obscure the nuances.

    • A Fuller Color Palette

      Colors never before seen on a TV—such as the red of a London bus—capture the vibrancy of the real world. Smooth gradients reveal nuances in rich detail.

    • End-to-End Solution

      Dolby Vision includes tools for content creation, delivery, and playback. You can be sure that you're seeing what the artist intended when you watch on a TV that incorporates Dolby Vision.

    Only Dolby Vision can reveal onscreen the rich detail and spectacular colors that we see in nature.

    What's Missing in Today's TV

    When you watch TV today, you see only a fraction of what you could see. Modern cameras for TV and movie production capture nearly the full range of the brightness and colors of real life.

    But transmission and playback standards haven't kept up. The original content must be downgraded for compatibility with existing transmission standards, resulting in drastically reduced brightness and contrast, and many fewer colors.

    Why Dolby Vision Is Dramatically Different

    Dolby Vision delivers signals that offer 40 times brighter highlights than today's TVs, along with up to 1,000 times greater contrast. Together, this combination allows a far wider range of colors—Dolby Vision can display a fuller palette of colors closer to what the eye can see, colors never before seen on a TV.

    The difference between a Dolby Vision image and a regular TV image is astonishing. Dolby Vision works equally well for both HDTV and Ultra HD (4K), 2D and 3D, enhancing the full benefits of higher resolution. As studios and streaming services create new content using fuller color and contrast technology, Dolby Vision will let you see this future unfold.

    Once you see what's possible with Dolby Vision, you won't be satisfied with ordinary TV.

    Dolby Vision Reflects Real-World Clarity

    Today's TV standards specify surprisingly limited brightness: about 100 candelas per square meter (cd/m2). Movie standards are even lower: 48 cd/m2.

    The real world is vastly brighter. And it has a much greater range of contrast, the difference between the light and dark areas of a picture.

    Because you're used to looking at TV and movie screens, you don't compare them with the real world. Until you see something better—like Dolby Vision.

    Dolby Vision for Professionals

    Dolby Vision offers an end-to-end image solution with tools for content creation, distribution, and playback.

    Content Creators

    Increase your storytelling power by taking advantage of the wider color gamut and higher dynamic range of Dolby Vision.

    OTT and VOD

    Deliver a significantly better viewing experience, whether the content you supply is in Full HD or Ultra HD.


    Playback equipment that incorporates Dolby Vision will deliver significantly better and more satisfying viewing experiences for Dolby Vision content.