• Dolby Voice

    Dolby Voice redefines conferencing audio by replacing today's noisy and awkward calls with the natural sound and feel of an in-person meeting.

    Dolby Partners with Highfive

    We've partnered with Highfive, maker of an innovative meeting-room collaboration and video conferencing solution. Highfive video with Dolby Voice® audio empowers people to get work done faster together.

    Dolby Voice Benefits

    • Stunning Audio Quality

      Dolby Voice® gives you exceptional voice clarity and detail while suppressing background noise, so you'll easily hear what's being said.

    • Natural Conversation

      Everyone can be heard, even those with soft voices. Participants can easily interact and exchange ideas, so conversation flows naturally.

    • Increased Productivity

      Task efficiency improved 25 percent when using Dolby Voice compared to a mono, standards-based conference environment, based on standard ITU-T testing.

    • Anywhere Access

      Whether you access Dolby Voice from your desktop, a mobile device, or the meeting room with the Dolby® Conference Phone, you'll get a superior experience.

    • Dolby Conference Phone

      With advanced features including full-room voice capture, spatial voice separation, and an intuitive user interface, the Dolby Conference Phone brings everyone into the room.

    • Unified Communications and Conferencing

      Dolby Voice and the Dolby Conference Phone are integral components of complete solutions for video, web, and audio conferencing and collaboration.

    Watch this video to learn why Dolby Voice is essential for your business.

    Take Audio Conferencing Far Beyond Mere Connectivity

    Dolby® audio innovations have repeatedly opened new possibilities in cinema, home theater, and broadcast sound. Now we've applied our years of audio experience to improving conference calls and video conferencing.

    Conferencing needs to go beyond just connecting people. Dolby Voice is a software solution that uses sophisticated signal processing to eliminate the technology barriers that make traditional conferencing solutions noisy, distracting, and hard to follow. You can fully focus on the business at hand rather than on the connection.

    With Dolby Voice, you can contribute naturally and spontaneously to the conversation, feel a true sense of participation, and know you're being heard.

    You'll benefit from the same feeling and flow that face-to-face meetings provide. When conversations flow, decisions get made. Innovation increases. And distributed teams are more effective.

    Hear the stunning audio quality of Dolby Voice and the Dolby Conference Phone.

    Dolby Voice Webinar

    How to Get Video for Every Room and Every Meeting

    Highfive and Dolby Voice Webinar

    Tuesday, July 12
    11:00 a.m. PDT

    Cut Costs and Meet Anywhere, Anytime

    Dolby Voice offers economic advantages beyond improved productivity.

    Business and IT Managers

    With Dolby Voice, you don't need to choose between quality, convenience, and cost. Your users will want it because it is better and simpler.

    Get Dolby Voice from Our Partners

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    BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice—Hear the New Sound of Collaboration

    BT® MeetMe with Dolby Voice is the BT One Collaborate service that delivers the Dolby Voice experience. A key part of BT's market-leading portfolio of communications solutions, BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice is built upon the established reservationless BT MeetMe service. 

    BT has a global presence, operating in more than 170 countries. Operational excellence lies at the heart of BT's business deliveries—just one reason its enterprise customers express the highest levels of satisfaction. 

    Get BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice

    Highfive—Video Conferencing and Collaboration

    Highfive is a modern meeting solution that empowers people to get work done faster. Sleek, beautifully designed hardware and integrated cloud software deliver easy-to-use room collaboration and video conferencing, with crisp, clear audio powered by Dolby Voice.

    The Dolby Conference Phone delivers a stunning in-room audio experience and brings everyone into the room—even in large and busy conference rooms.

    Get Highfive with Dolby Voice