• Behind the Scenes

    Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision Help Creators of Disney·Pixar's Inside Out Work Magic

  • The creators of Disney·Pixar's Inside Out consider Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision technologies to be key in bringing out the best in the film.

  • The director, producer, and postproduction supervisor discuss the role of Dolby Atmos in Disney·Pixar's Inside Out.

    • Dolby Atmos: Exploring Inside the Mind

      Where do we hear the voices inside our head? Disney·Pixar's Inside Out answers that question. The movie weaves together what happens in the mind simultaneously with the outside world and with memories. By placing even the most delicate sounds precisely around the auditorium, Dolby Atmos® draws the audience powerfully into the story. Director Pete Docter, producer Jonas Rivera, and postproduction supervisor Paul Cichocki tell the story in this video.

  • The film's crew discusses the impact of Dolby Vision on Disney·Pixar's Inside Out.

    • Dolby Vision: Highlighting Contrasts

      The main character in Disney·Pixar's Inside Out is a light source, and light plays a major role throughout the film—each emotion is its own color. The filmmakers used the wide color palette and dynamic range of Dolby Vision™ to accentuate the contrast between the "mind" world and the real world. In this video, Pete Docter, Jonas Rivera, Paul Cichocki, and director of photography Kim White talk about how Dolby Vision helped them add impact to Inside Out.