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    The Magic Inside Dolby

  • We build technologies that put you inside the experience. With science, we make magic.

  • Get an inside look at how our team of scientists and engineers creates the magic behind your entertainment experiences.

    • We're the rain on the roof in a movie. The music flowing through your earbuds when you're at the gym. The footsteps lurking behind you in a video game. The voice of a colleague on a call who seems to be right next to you. The sight of a breathtakingly bright and vivid sunset on your TV.

      Making experiences come alive through technology is what we do. It's been our mission since day one.

      It began with our founder, Ray Dolby, a visionary scientist and inventor. As a young engineer and music lover, he was driven to improve the listening experience. And with that simple motivation, plus countless hours of experimentation, he created a solution—a solution that was elegant and practical, highly sophisticated, and wholly devoted to the artist's vision.

      Dolby Laboratories is now home to hundreds of scientists and engineers dedicated to the study of human perception, the experience of artistic immersion, and the joy of creative invention. We pour our genius and imagination into technological breakthroughs that are transforming today's audio and visual experiences in ways you never thought possible. And we're just getting started.

      We invite you to learn more about how Dolby is a part of your life, wherever it takes you, from the cinema to your home, from the office to your travels, from the big screen to the small screens.

      Feel Every Dimension in Dolby™.

    • Ray Dolby

      Ray Dolby

      Ray Dolby expanded the creative possibilities for musicians, filmmakers, and other artists with his technical innovations and passion for connecting science and art.

    • Upgrade Your Moviegoing Experience

      Dolby Atmos® propels you into the story and the music with moving audio that delivers the full impact of entertainment.